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i have been looking up youtube vids of a guy named gamehorder who played through both strahd's possession and stone prophet then uploaded it. i highly recommend them, as per it made me want to load an emulator and try to play through those games.

this inspired me to write up a d-20 game using the 3.0 ashardalon adventure books as the cr/el skeleton. (i do this sort of thing often)
 i would type the txt and general story from the videos as the player in the vid went through the game and simply brought it to my table.

of course there has been some reworking and additions, but after watching the vids at legnth i was suprised at the amount of the magical items and weapons available to the party in the video game.
i then went to my second edition ravenloft books and was again suprised at the amount of magic items in addition to specialized magical items/weapons that i never seemed to notice before. i think its always been an accepted practice to starve adventuring parties out of their reliance of magic items / weapons so they make use of monster hunting kits to preserve the flavor and theme for the horror aspect of the setting.

so far we had a productive and fun night. i'm mostly using the second edition books and the pc game as resourse for this campiagn project, but i was wondering if anyone else has had success stories with gaming in ravenloft?

prior to this game i and a dm achieved 3 back to back epic level ravenloft campaigns using a 1 dm, 1 player fast play system with both 3.0 and 3.5 editions. all very fun, memorable, and amazing games.      
almost complete with the pnp adventure that i made after this game, part in tribute.

for those interested the youtube user byron4545 made videos of his own walkthrough through both strahds possession and stone prophet with less annoying commentary.
and the user  modighen has ripped the music off of strahds possession cleanly. i highly recommend that music for atmosphere.
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