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My friends and I are new to MTG. Boy, is this game addictive! We've been playing mostly 5-man multiplayer free for all. Regarding active (your turn) players vs non-active (not your turn) players, can non-active players target each other and, if so, when? Scenarios listed below:

Scenario 1: four players, A, B, C, D. During (active) player A's upkeep, I'm pretty sure (non-active) players B, C, and D can cast an instant or activate a card ability targeting themselves, their own permanents and-or player A/player A's permanents, but can player B target player C/player C's permanents, as well (despite it not being neither B's nor C's turn)?

Scenario 2: It's player A's main phase. She passes priority before entering combat phase. Can player B now cast a spell like [Vile Rebirth] and, if so, whose graveyards/creatures are viable targets? [Thunderous Wrath] ?

Scenario 3: Player A attacks player B with her 5/5 creature with 'trample.' Player B blocks with her 2/2 creature. Can players C & D now add their own spells to the stack even though they aren't engaged in the combat, theoretically changing the tides of battle in B's favor? Could C and D target each other this way at this point in the combat phase?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.
You're right on all counts. There are no changes to things like targeting restrictions depending whose turn it is, so two non-active players are free to fight amongst themselves, interfere with combat or whatever. And if the active player doesn't want to cast a spell, the non-active players still get their chance. Welcome to the game and good luck!

It would probably also be worth posting this in the rules Q&A forum, just to check. I'm not a judge or any such, so they might be able to offer a more insightful summary. Also, this forum doesn't get a huge amount of traffic unfortunately