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The Covenent of Sin is intended to be used for a Villian PC Invoker that the party will be facing. This villian is based around the concept of Sloth and in doing so I thought that something like this might be in line. With the Covenent of Sin, The individual relies more on instincts and impulses that on things more well thought out.

Covenent benefit: Any turn in which you have any of the following actions remaining(Standard Action, Move Action, Minor Action), you may convert these into additional Immediate Actions that you may use before your next turn. In addition, you gain the Ray of Sloth Power.

Ray of SlothCovenent of Sin Feature
You draw upon the nature of sloth to slow your foe's actions and weaken their blows
At-Will ♦ Shadow
Immediate Interrupt - Ranged 10
Trigger: One of your allies is hit by a melee or ranged attack.
Target: Triggering Creature
Effect: The target is weakened until the end of his turn.
Enemies shouldn't really be built as PCs. It just doesn't work right.

That being said, the power seems to stray from the concept of the sin of sloth, taking on a more physical representation than a spiritual one. As an interrupt, consider making it a flat penalty to both the attack roll and damage roll of the triggering attack. It would also be better as an encounter power that can recharge somehow (possibly when the user spends an action point), because such an ability at will is too strong.

The extra immediate action feature is way too powerful. I would say to give them access to one free immediate action once per encounter instead of giving them the potential extra immediate actions each turn. This would still be strong, but not anywhere close to the same level as trading a minor or move for two free immediate actions during a round.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Enemies shouldn't really be built as PCs. It just doesn't work right.


Fighting PC's really just boils down to whoever hits with their daily power first, wins. It could be implimented, but i would sooner stick with the monster creation ruleset. Monsters are designed to fight the party and are not nearly as limited in terms of framework.

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Suggestion:  Design this as a PC build.  Then, build the monster that's supposed to use it as a monster with the invoker template.
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