B/G Buff/Infect Deck

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Swamp x10
Forest x10
Inkmoth Nexus x4
  Lands x24

Rampant Growth x2
Mutagenic Growth x4
Giant Growth x3
Wild Hunger x2
Virulent Wound x2
Grim Affliction x2 
   Spells x15
Wild Defiance x4 
Rancor x2
   Enchantment x6           

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon x2
Phyrexian Crusader x4 
Hand of the Praetors x4
Glistener Elf x4
Phyrexian Swarmlord x1
    Creatures x15    

    Deck = 60 Cards (No Sideboard)

There is a way to win second turn with that deck!
In your opening hand have 2x Forests x1 Glistener Elf x4 Mutagenic Growths and the next card you draw a Giant growth. (Or any of the cards mentioned besides Glistener Elf.) First turn put forest down and then end your turn. Second turn (if the opponent doesn't have a creature on the battlefield,) draw one of the cards metioned above, play a forest, then, Declare to attack with Glistener Elf, on the instant step tap the forests and play a Giant Growth and a Mutagenic Growth, then pay six life for Mutagenic Growth x3 and then you hit the other person for 12 infect counters. (A bit of an overkill but still.) The reason why is because Glistener Elf = 1/1 infect, Giant Growth = +3/+3, Mutagenic Growth = +2/+2 x4. so Glistener Elf + Giant Growth + Mutagenic Growth x4 = 12 Infect counters. You don't need one of the mutagenic Growths but overkill is nice also.
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How often do you get that hand, out of curiosity
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I have gotten it 5/8 times I have played it but it can go late game to because of the Wild Defiances. and Skithiryx its just a all around deck.
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