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Since the beginning of Play-Testing for Dungeons and Dragons Next, I have had this question boggling around in my mind.  There is still a pretty large fan base for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons players.  I'm also going out on a limb to say that there are also a pretty good number of people out there who are looking to cut their teeth in publishing material compliant with 4E Rules.  My big question is what exactly is going to happen to the 4E GSL?  When D&D Next rolls out in its finished form, will there still be licenses controlling the production of 4E content, or will the licensing for it become more lax as WoTC focuses primarily on the production of D&D Next?
I'm 100% sure that WotC will hold on tightly to their licensed 4E material as there will be opportunities to exercise that license for years to come.

But, as I've said in other posts, depending upon the nature of the material created by third-party individuals, there may be an opportunity to distribute it without incurring the wrath of WotC. 
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