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Here is the scenarion. Both players have a Huntmaster of the Fells out and player A skips his turn so both of the tranform abilities go on the stack. First the player B's since it's his turn later player A's resolving first and targeting the player's B Huntmaster of the Fells. In responce the player B plays Moonmist to transform it "first" making it a 4/4 thus living the 2 damage. Next what happened is that the Huntmaster of the Fells from player B still died. This was on Magic the Gathering: Online.

Was this a bug or is it correct that it tranformed twice - once because of Moonmist and second time because of the trigger on the stack.

Was there a way to prevent this?
it's not a bug that it transformed twice, it had 2 instructions to transform, so that's what it did
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Indeed.  Whenever a card refers to itself by name, it really means "this permanent".  So the fact that B's Huntmaster is currently a Ravager does not stop the Huntmaster's triggered ability from transforming it.
Is there a way that players B Huntmaster lives? Besides casting Moonrise end of turn?
With just the 1 moonmist and 2 Huntsmasters, B's only option is the cause his Hunstmaster's trigger to go on the stack after A's (I.E. cause the transformation to take place on A's turn)

If you're looking for additional cards/effects; Regeneration, Protection, various methods of increasing Toughness... there's lot of options if we start pulling in more cards, but this isn't the forum for such a discussion.
Edit, forgot Moonmist will transform his Huntmaster of the Fells as well.

Whenever a card refers to itself by name, it really means "this permanent".

Nit: It means "this object". 99% of the time, the object is necessarilly a permanent, but not always.
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