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The number of errors and typos, and other idiocy within published books and modules is shocking.
I offer this thread on the off chance that WotC is actually paying attention. Please submit any typos you run across.

Some examples: one monster (don't remember which) was listed as having an attack that was a close blurst 3. Blast or burst? One makes sense based on the flavor text, but the other worked with the tactical suggestions.

Scales of War has the skill challenge that requires 12 successes, but only allows the players to get 7.

And tonight we ran into the Astral White Wings, who have a power that was originally a range 5, hit = stun, but did not included hit mods or a targeted defense. Well, they sort-of caught that one. Now the revised version says something like +23 vs, hit=stun, but still does not include a targeted defense.

Having to figure out this stuff slows down the game. How could this possibly have been missed?

Let us help WotC. Let us point out what their editing staff should have caught.
If you can supply the material (which I couldn't because I've been the player, not the DM, in all these events) page numbers and such, maybe, just maybe, they can repair the damage so that future players can have accurate information.

(serious entries only please)
There is a whole forum section dedicated to that (4E Errata)
I'm just wondering.  Is the title of this thread ironic intentionally or not?
can only hope it's ironic.  any post complaining about proofreading should be immaculate and probably run past at least 2 editors and a spellchecker.

The problems with the whitewings are just a transcription error by the Compendium.  The compiled article works fine, although the monsters are kind of wusses due to being 4 years old.  A standard action stun, range 5 with no hit roll?  Welcome to Paragon, enjoy your stay!  (it gets worse in Epic)  =)

Compiling errors not already on the known issues list is a good idea, as long as those errors then get submitted for attention (already clicked feedback link on whitewings, because I take pity on the Compendium)

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yes, it was a joke, based on an old cartoon.

As for the standard action stun, no problem. Just make sure the mechanics are sound. Which, as presented in the supposedly self-contained module, they were not.
What made the white wings dangerous in the mod was that they were interfering with a skill challenge.
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