I'm about to enter the tomb of horrors and I'm a warlock... what I'm gonna do ?

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Hey guys, the title explains almost it all : warlock entering the tomb of horrors... so traps and lots of them.

I know that normally you can only curse something considered as your ennemy, so if I can attack a trap with defenses and HP, I can curse it too right? 

I'm asking this mostly because I don't want to lose my major source of damage (my curse duh) while delving this incredible meat grinder.

Tell me your thoughts about this guys !  
By strict RAW you cannot curse an object because Warlock's Curse is not a power but a feature, and only powers that target creatures can target objects instead.

RC 107 Targeting Objects: At the DM's discretion, a Power that target one or more creatures can target one or more objects, as long as the number of target does not exceed the number specified by the Power.  

Well, and they make power cards for it though in the character builder... Damn, I understand your way of thinking... 

Someone got more ideas ? 

what else would you do in tomb of horrors

As to the actual question, if your DM is letting you Eldritch Blast a trap, then you should be able to Curse it.
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Eh, traps are typically unaffected by things that target Will for a reason. I wouldn't allow stuff like Curse, Oath, or Marks.
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4E Tomb of Horrors is not that deadly except for 3 or 4 individual encounters.
Your skills will be more helpful. Esp thievery and arcana.
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