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Hi Everyone,

Some 20 years ago, I both played and wrote a few books for Iron Crown Enterprises, four of which were for their Middle-earth Role Playing game. I was admittedly taken with the maps that Pete Fenlon did, and when I had a chance to write for them to actually see some of my own ideas done with his hand had me nerding out big-time.

Fast forward to the present, after having returned to my home town after a decade and a half, my old RPG group has come back together, and oddly enough we are playing 4th edition D&D and enjoying ourselves immensely. Working with the stock maps was fine, but I looked into Campaign Cartographer 3 as a way of enhancing the game. When I went to buy CC3 imagine my surprise to see the Annual 2008 containing symbols in Pete Fenlon's style. This was too good to pass up, and it would give me a way to cut my teeth on the program.

Anyway, here's how my first attempt has turned out. This is a smaller picture:

I have a much much larger version here:

This includes most of what is present (I think) in the various Nentir Vale resources that are out there. I've designed the map so that I can remove any or all the labels so that I'm not revealing too much to my playing group.

Anyway, the nice thing about this map is that I can keep expanding it. My plan is eventually to work my way south and east, and perhaps even cover areas like Moonstair, Sarthel and the Dragondown coast.

Feedback would be very much appreciated.
this is great, can you upload these to when you are done?
Sure. I've made some minor corrections to this map already. I think uploading this after making a few small corrections is definitely do-able. I would like to have some input as to what direction to expand this map once the first part of it is uploaded to the Nentir Vale wiki.

I'll try to do that tomorrow when I am at my own computer.
I'd be happy to consult, but unfortunately nothing is too certain outside of the vale. I organized the wiki by geography and pretty much after this you are just guessing where things are. For instance the Trollhaunt map does not match up with the overland map of the world.

I have a few ideas where things SHOULD go, but it would basically be conjecture and creativity at this point. 
great map! thanks for that! awesome that you worked for i.c.e. too! did you work on rolemaster too or just merp? anyways, i love this take on the vale. thanks!
Great Map!

One minor nitpick...
Usually Kalton manor is at the top of the Fens, and the Witchlight Hermitage is more central.

EDIT - you actually ahve Kalton manor on there twice. :D 
That was an editing goof that I made that has since been fixed. Kalton Manor is where it's supposed to be, and the name that's down in the Witchlight Fens has since been eliminated. It takes a while for the program to render, so I've not done a corrected copy yet.

On an additional note, I've been working on an expanded map of Albridge and area for Reavers of Harkenwold to help my players "plan" the battle. Once it's done, I'll post it here as well.

@frothsof: The only Rolemaster adventure/resource I did was "Islands of the Oracle" for Shadow World. I also did "Disaster on Adanis III" for Space Master... but neither of those used Fenlon's maps.

@MacEochaid: Nothing wrong with creativity and conjecture. I suspect that with the Trollhaunt Warrens we can "flip" the map in order to make it fit with the larger map from CoN. The nice thing is that we can create something that's useable by the community to handle an expanded campaign area. Once I'm done doing some stuff for Reavers of Harkenwold, I'll be returning to expand on this map. Who knows... we might even be able to find out where the Elisir Vale goes ;)
re: Trollhaunt, I think that is the best idea, it also fits more with the idea that the world kind of gets progressively more dangerous as you move away from the Nentir Vale, placing Moonstair closer to the vale and the trollhaunt moor west of the vale.

re: Elsir vale, I was nervous about even including it on the Nentir vale wiki, as I think it was intended to be an alternate Nentir vale and not really necessarily included in the world of the Nentir Vale. However my gut instinct is to place it in Valin as sort of a flipped nentir vale, or place it on the unnamed island as Nefelus would fit is a coastal island pretty well.

If you are going to get creative with the map, which I'm glad you are, let's fansource this baby,

three adventures stick out as having the most geographical data:

the first two I see as part of a river trip down south of the Nentir Vale

Barringsgate, which I picture as on the river that runs North South between the Nentir Vale and Nera Bay

The Borderlands, which I see as being where that river meets the mountains

and the Kadagast Mountains which don't quite fit on the map, but I can imagine either being south of Sarthel first introduced in

finally Elkridge has been featured in the largest number of adventures outside of the Nentir Vale, it's home to bandits Yuan-Ti and Elves, and is very close to the Nentir Vale so I think that should also be next on your list and and I also think this is a good place for to be placed as well as some other adventures. 
Oops... Maybe I was thinking Elkridge rather than Elisir... But anyway, if can fan source this, it'd be great. my starting point will be using the larger CoN map, and my intention is to move south and west first. I'd like to get to Sarthel, as one of my characters is a refugee from that area. where are we best to post drafts of the map as it progresses? The wiki?
Please use the wiki you can label it speculative map or something. 

I don't know what is too West of the Vale, Orcs of Stonefang pass deals with the west of the vale, and I think Napina should be somewhere between the trollhaunt and the Nentir Vale.

The archipelago to the East of Sarthel I think should be the former location of Ruul the empire of the minotaurs, (and perhaps have the city of Leng there) with Saruun Khel under Thunderspire and the Minotaur lair under Gardmore Abbey being the western most ends of that civilization. Take a look through to find cool places you think deserve to be on the map as you go. 

I think it would be also a good idea to make rough maps of the former empires

Nerath, From Nera to the north
Bael Turath, From Adretia to the Karkothi holdings
Arkhosia, From the Serpentus Rift to the South
Zannad (Yuan Ti), Around the jungles of Cernall
Varrdar (Trolls/monsters) From the West up to the Nentir Vale
Ruul (Minotaurs), From the archipelago to Varrdar (I see them as warring empire between Bale Turath and Nerath but that is all me, not official)
unnamed Undead Empire, talked about a lot, could be anywhere.
Also there is the Sunless Citadel if you can get ahold of that adventure. 
Given the level of detail it will take, I'm going to start with the areas defined on the CoN map detailed as Mithralfast, Sarthel, Theurund, Vor Rukoth and Trollhaunt to begin with. Granted, each of these will likely take up as much real-estate as the Nentir Vale... So Mithralfast and Therund I think would come first... What do we know about these areas?
Almost nothing. The Dawnforge mountains have several locations noted in the wiki, Mithralfast is the seat of the League of Nerath, but we don't know anything about it.

Check out for pretty much everything we know about these locations.

Several of the points of light such as Erathium should also be placed somewhere around here

the Wildwood I guess would be in Therund or in Nera 
We do have that gorgeous picture of Mithralfast Castle standing out on those cliffs. 

Also, in the big version of your Nentir Vale map, you have Kalton Manor listed below Renefik and in its proper location to the east of the Fens.  >_>

Gorgeous map though. 

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Uh... Yeah... I fixed that problem in the final render. It was a goof on my part that Kalton Manor ended up going in twice, because I didn't realize that the magically disappearing text found its way into the Witchlight Fens. :P

Ah well...

Anyway, here's a non-Fenlon style map using CC3 to do just Harkenwold add some variety:

and a link to the bigger version:

As for the Fenlon Style, I'm going to start developing the area south and east of Harkenwold, reaching toward the Dragondown Coast and Sarthel if I can. Hopefully that can include Mithralfast as well
Wow, i just love those maps.
Great Work.

I just started an new Adventure in Harkenwold and my players will love this map.
It is much better than my own.

very nice maps, going to use these Keep the maps coming
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