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Another brew of my wife's.  One that thoroughly hoses my favorite methods to win.

A control deck that locks down creature-based decks using enchantments, spawning (Via Sigil of the Empty Throne) Angels as it goes for the win con.

The deck does run 3 cards high, but she's fine with that, and does not want to trim it down.

It fairs very well against most creature based decks, having a little trouble VS haste and Pro-White creatures, which we think the addition of Sphere of Safety will solve.  Non-creature based decks are usually not an issue unless they can get a kill in before Imperial Mask can be brought down.  Enchantment hate is rare, at least to the extent were it might seriously become a problem, and Greater Auramancy x2 solves targeted enchantment removal.

Cage of Hands is good towards late-game, when there is a lot of extra land to play with for bouncing and making Angels.

Looking for any suggested white Enchantments, and ways to improve the deck.
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Forced Worship or Prison Term might be better than Cage of Hands in this deck.

Leyline of Sanctity would probably be better than Imperial Mask. It is cheaper to hardcast, and coming down turn one is essential against a burn or discard deck, in fact, the deck may want four just because that's a bad matchup.

The deck has some easy to spot weaknesses that you might want to patch up. Like a discard spell + Surgical Extraction could render it without any win conditions. The Sigil could also be destroyed by something like a Planar Cleansing. I'd recommend having another way to win. Perhaps something like Entreat the Angels. But really anything big and hard to deal with would be good. Having some Luminarch Ascension could give the deck some nice redundancy.

Another weakness is a control deck with counterspells and Planeswalkers and creatures with powerful activated abilities. You can't really rely on just having four Oblivion Ring, you might want to add a few Faith's Fetters as well, which are also good against aggro decks because they gain you some life. To get around counters you can use Decree of Justice, because when you cycle it it can't be countered. Perhaps that would be better than Entreat the Angels.

Forced Worship was in the deck, but Cage's cheaper bounce cost won out over it's cheaper casting cost, for the sake of saving the enchantment.

Cage's purpose isn't to jump between creatures to lock them down, but to let her just start spawning Angel tokens every turn.

I can't believe I forgot about Leyline, it gave me so many headaches in Standard while it was around. We'll make that switch, though we'll have the Imperials out in a SB for Multiplayer.  We'll try to fit in a 3rd or even a 4th.

Seems like Leyline also deals with Planeswalkers. 

We'll play with Luminarch as a back up plan, it shouldn't be an issue getting it active.  However, I don't see the room in the deck to make for it.  Either we sacrifice on Defensive plays, like Sphere, Kismat, or Auramancy, OR we give up a little on creature control which gives them a chance to find an opening to exploit if she doesn't draw enough of it.

Decree is strong, but it really doesn't contribute to the deck other than be a finisher. Everything in the deck, other than Sigil and Tutor both can control the board by themselves, and spawn an Angel off Sigil.

The win-con is actually a secondary concern for her.  Once she has the game locked down, then she gets bored and considers winning.
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Mesa Enchantress and Serra's Sanctum spring to mind.

That is all.

A shout out to Gaming Grounds in Kent, Ohio and Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. for all your preparation needs. - why prepping is useful, from one who has been there.
i'd switch the sphere of safety to ghostly prison, sure in late game when u have a wall of enchantments its better but u really need to survive until t5 to hit it and by that point most agressive players will have u really low in the life department (if not dead)
I"ll reiterate krichaiushii's point about mesa enchantress u really need every once of drawing power u can get in an enchantment deck, so much so that i'd even recommend u seriously  consider splash green heavily for enchantress's presence and the mesa enchantress counterpart. legacy enchantress decks have always abused the g/w scheme for their success.
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