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I really enjoyed the Fells Five centered comic by Rogers and DiVito and although I know it's no longer being made, I subscribed to the new series by Ed Greenwood. Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms, and I find it is very frustrating!

It's not the comic that pisses me off, It is the release schedule and its unending delays. I had thought that this series was supposed to be an ongoing, but nothing has been solicited after issue #5 by IDW.

In regards to the delays, Issue #3 was well over a month late and issue #4 (which was originally set to hit shelves August 29th) will not hit shelves until next week (Oct.10th), with Issue #5 solicited for Sept 26th and delayed to a TBD date.

There is no issue #6 solicited at all. Do any fellow comic book fans out there know what the deal is here? Is the series cancelled? Was it announced somewhere (I checked the IDW site and forums) that it was only going to be a mini-series? Has Ed Greenwood pulled the plug on the project?

Thanks in advance!

I was not familiar with any actual D&D comics since...well it must be 20 years.   I'd love to read the issues you speak of.   Can you provide a link where I can find more about them?
Links are here, Although the Ed Greenwood one is alright, I really enjoy the ongoing series that features "The Fell Five". A much more interesting group of characters, and a great run by Rogers and DiVito. Also added last years Dark Sun miniseries TPB, it was alot of fun and I wish that they did an ongoing series with the Grudvik character. - Ed Greenwood series - Fells Five series (Great series!!) - Dark Sun TPB

So, Fell's Five stopped at 15 with no more to come? Cry That was the only D&D comic I've ever liked!
Indeed.  IDW needs to do more stories with Fell's Five.  I really wanted to see the inevitable showdown between Tisha and her sister.  This wasn't just a good D&D comic book; it was a good comic book.

That said, I believe the last issue mentioned that the adventures weren't over--only that they were postponed for a while.  Still, I know that usually means that something's done.  Sword and Sorcery pulled the same crap with the EQ RPG.  A bit later?  World of Warcraft RPG.

Fell's Five needs to continue on.  There was nothing in the stories that overtly tied them to 4E, apart from eladrin.  In that case, they can do something like I'm doing for my world: eladrin become high elves due to being cut off from the Feywild.
I would have to agree that I want more of the Fell Five. This was a good D&Dcomic.  I am not enjoying the Forgotten Realms one.
This is what one of Ed's friends said when I asked about the future of the FR comic:

erdana,Arial,Helvetica">erdana,Arial,Helvetica; font-size:small">"CylverSaber, I THINK plans at Wizards have changed. There will be an FR comic book, but written in-house, I think, to (I'm guessing, here) support The Sundering. My opinion is that Ed was able to establish new characters, give them foes, and get them to The Border Kingdoms, where he could start telling new stories with full freedom, some of them involving well-known established Realms NPCs...but then "plans changed," and the book abruptly ended right there.
However, that's just my reading of matters.
Must talk to Ed and see what he can add
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