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i used to play years ago, going into a draft tomorrow (first draft ever).  im in the middle of going through the card list right now, wondering if anyone has any recommendations around good colors to draft / synergies.  some of the abilities are new, trying to familiarize myself with them before looking at possible multicolor mashups
You should make a post in the Limited forums, you'd get more // better help there probably.
This is the constructed casual forum. There is another forum for limited. With that said once you draft a couple of times and want to make a constructed deck make sure to post your card pool and the people here might be able to help you target some singles that will help to improve that list.

As far as the color combinations go

GW - selesnya
GB - golgari
RU - izzet
UW - azorius
BR - rakdos

It seems like most draft decks will follow one or more of these color combinations although I'm sure that there will be some decent archetypes if you're somewhat new it's probably best to choose one of these color combinations. Rakdos seems to be the easiest to play from the tournament reports I'm hearing. So I would suggest going for an agressive BR rakdos deck but I haven't drafted it so I'm not sure if it's possible to force draft it.
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great thanks for the help...a little rusty with my mtg lingo, thought there was a good chance i posted in the wrong place...the days of alpha/beta were so long ago

thanks for being patient!

The two colored combinations will sometimes work, though sometimes I think you'll end up three color in the set as well, with allied guilds.

(Azorius Izzet)
(Izzet Rakdos)
(Rakdos Golgari)
(Golgari Selesnya)
(Selesnya Azorius)

Of course it's a lot easier to go three color (and even two color) when you have fixing. That's why it's important to pick up Guildgates such as Golgari Guildgate, though don't prioritize them over really strong picks, but they are great mid to upper mid picks.

In limited removal is important. Cards that get rid of creatures basically. Every color has removal at common. Things like Trostani's Judgment or Auger Spree are great, Stab Wound is ridiculous in this set.

Remember the guild mechanics. Rakdos has unleash, so building a very aggressive deck works best with it. Golgari has scavenge, so you want to be able to get to the late game since scavenge is fairly slow and you want creatures that make good scavenge targets. Populate is perhaps the hardest mechanic to build around. You need to find the right amount of token generators and populate cards to fill out your deck, cards like Eyes in the Skies are the best populate cards since they make a token so you always have something to populate. Call of the Conclave and Centaur Herald are very strong picks for Selesnya.

Remember to follow signals. If you started taking red cards for your first couple picks, but further into the packs you aren't getting passed red cards, you might want to get out of red.

great thanks for the heads up.  i was thinking of drafting a three colored combo (izzet / golgari rakdos both seem great) but may opt to try that out in the second draft....two should be nice and easy for the first until the basic mechanics come back.  once i hit that i should be in good shape to better strategize.  im sure ill end up throwing any plan out the window and just go with my gut as soon as the first pack opens...

ill circle back and update after the tourney! 
You should probably try to avoid Izzet if you're new, it's a little wonky. Golgari plays and drafts itself basically, Rakdos // Azorius are a little harder, and Selesnya // Izzet are probably the hardest.
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