Elite Inquisitor vs Malakir Gatekeeper's kicker

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Would he be effected by it even if he is the only creature up or do you have to sacrifice him?

Would he be effected by it even if he is the only creature up or do you have to sacrifice him?

Sure, Elite Inquisitor can be sacrificed, and even must be if it's the only creature the player controls.

Gatekeeper of Malakir's ability targets the player, not the creature. So the Inquisitor's protection won't save him.

[*c]Elite Inquisitor[*/c] without *s becomes Elite Inquisitor
Gatekeeper of Malakir

If the Gatekeeper's kicker was paid, the targeted player has to sacrifice a creature. If his only creature is the Inquisitor, he has to sacrifice it. The Inquisitor's protection does not help, since the Gatekeeper does not target the Inquisitor, does not damage it, does not block it and does not enchant/equip it.

You can remember protection by DEBT:

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«Protection» does not grant «absolute immunity».

Protection from Vampires is nothing more than a locution used by the game of Magic,
an ability, which helps Elite Inquisitor avoid some dangers coming from Vampires, not all.

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So, you keep on voting, and you keep expecting different results from those elections?

How long have you tried this, over and over?

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