KetassKetass are child like subterranean race , thier city are often hidden the unexplored region in the underdark as rumors said it at the brink of shadow fell but this was never proven , they look almost semilar to halfling in built except for thie

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Ketass are child like race who live deep within the underdark, even then they are rarely seen by their main rival is  the drows(they rarely have warfare of any sort with drows)  even rarer by the surface dwellers, stories of old say they are carve from the shadow of Sehanine of which they worship, their city is said to be protected by the shadows of Sehanine deep within the underdark which is said to be a force out of pure shadows and is said to hold an eerie beauty when behold, centuries of battle with drows are forge the Ketass a ninja like sense of honor while there warriors seem to embrace a samurai like culture, but unlike the samurais to the Ketass true to their goddess your are not born to a caste its up to you to choose ur caste and once choosen serve it with dedication honor and passion

Play a Ketass if you want to be.....
* Silent and Mysterious 
* Small but Strong 
* Honorable and Passionate
* Favored Class of Paladin,Warlord,Fighters,Rogue and Sorcerer 

Physical Qualities
Ketass stands around 4ft tall and 80 pounds, their body are proportionate to a athletic build human being,they tend to be almost death pale to ash grey to a slightly yellow tone, most ketass have jet black hair but platinum blond,green, blue and Red are not uncommon, their eyes range from dark black , brown, blue, green and Red and mismatch colors are quite common, ketass never have any facial hair of any kind, males seem to prefer to wear their hair in top knot fashion while females prefer to wear pony tails
Ketass seem to prefer to wear black clothing, their gears are often of oriental design similar to ancient japanese culture , with most art depicting dragons, phoenix ,turtles and ornamental fish 

Playing a Ketass
Ketass are serious and honorable, they tend to be passionate on what they do, they also rarely speaks except when needed, centuries of war have made them what what militaristic in nature which is uncommon to worshipers of Sehanine, although they have a few skirmish with the drows open warfare is still unheard of and most drow who does manage to fight them just consider them halfling keeping most of thier existance a secret or at least rarelt heard

Ability Score: +2 strenght , +2 Dexterity or +2 Charisma*
Size: small
Vision: Darkvision
Language : common, elven
Skill bonus: +2 dungeoneering +2 Stealth
BladeMaster: can use medium size Light blades and Heavy Blade as if he is a medium size creature
Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
     Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn
Racial feats
Way of the Blade: req: heroic, ketass race: gain profiency bastard sword and short sword gain +2 feat bonus to damage at heroic this increase to +3 at level 11 and +4 at level 21 when using short sword or bastard sword
Bushido's Implement:req: heroic,ketass race,way of the blade feat, arcane class: you may use bastard sword and short sword as implement
Shadow Blade Finese:req:heroic, rogue class, ketass race and Way of the blade feat: treat bastard sword as light blades and treat short swords as daggers
Shadow warrior: req: paragon:ketass race: he may use Shadow shift as an immidiet interrupt with trigger , when hit by an attack
Ghost in the Blade: req:epic: ketass race: when ever he use Shadow Shift he is also invisible until the end of your next turn*

Ketass Lore

A character knows the following information about Ketass with
a successful History Check.

DC:24 : Ketass are a secretive race who live deep within the underdark, despite that ketass are not an evil race and live self sufficiently by farming mushrooms and live stocks of underdark creatures for food despite that ketass are militaristic and are expected to wield the blade in times calls upon them from the highest Shogunate to lowest servant they are all train in the art of warfare, their favorite weapon is the bastard sword(katana) and the short sword(wakisashi) which all are expected to train even the lowly servant

DC:29: Ketass live in a semi shogunate type of government, but unlike the traditional shogunate, for a ketass position are choosen and not born to, so even a son or daughter of a lowly servant can join the warrior caste if they want to,all caste of the ketass are co equal and shogun is elected by the head of each caste, thay even a member of a servant caste and warrior caste can equally be the shogun

Ketass Warrior. Level 15 Lurker

Small natural Humaniod Xp:1200
Initiative +16. Senses:Perception+13:Darkvision
HP:108 ; Bloodied:54 
AC:29 Fort:27 Reflex:28 Will:26
*katana(standard, at will) weapon 
Melee:+20 vs AC: 1d10+6 damage(x2) 
*Wakizashi(standard, at will) weapon
Melee:+20 vs AC: 1d6+5 damage (x2)
*Shortbow(standard, at will) weapon
Range 15/30:+20 vs AC: 1d8+6 damage + Ketass Poison
Assassin's Charge(standard, encounter) weapon
Special:May use this as basic attack when charging
Melee:+20 vs AC:4d10+6 damage and target is weaken(save ends)
Shadow Shift(minor action, recharge 4,5,6)racial
Ketass Warrior Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn
Shadow Strike:
When Ketass Warrior have Concealment he gain +2d6 damage to melee and range attacks
Shadow Advantage(minor action,at will)
When Ketass Warrior gains combat advantage they gain concealment 
Ketass Poison
Attack+18 vs Fortitude: Target takes -2 Penalty to attack rolls and(save ends)
First fail:target is also weaken and daze (save ends all)
Second fail:target is also stunned(save ends)
Third fail: target falls unconscious until the end of encounter
Skills: Athlethic+17 Stealth+20 Dungeoneering+10 Acrobatic+18
Alignment: unaligned. Language:Common,Elven
Str:20(+12). Dex:23(+13). Wis:12(+8)
Con:12(+8). Int:14(+9). Cha:14(+9)
Equipment: Scale Armor, + Bastard Sword(Katana), shortbow, quiver with +30 poison arrows ,+short sword(Wakizashi),climbing tools, grappling hook, 50ft silk rope

The Ketass Poison is derive by reverse engineering the drow poison, although more potent it take a bit longer to take to full effect. It cost 6250 GP

 Ketass Warrior Tactics
Ketass warrior does prefer the element of surprise at their side preferring an ambush using their poison short bow attacks to slow down the target as they close in using their katana attack while trying to find ways to gain combat advantage to the target normally by flanking they use Shadow shift when ever they can although during hit and run attack they would save it for escape.

Ketass Sorcerer. Level 17 Artillery 

Small natural Humaniod. XP:1,600
Initiative:+9. Sense:+14 Percpetion:Darkvison
HP:122 ;Blooded:61
AC:29. Fort:30. Reflex:28. Will:29
*Katana(standard, at will)weapon
Melee:+24 vs AC:1d10+7 damage
*Wakizashi(standard, at will)weapon
Melee:+24 vs AC:1d6+7 damage
Blazing Starfall(standard,at will)radiant,zone,fire,arcane,implement
Burst 1 within 10 square:+20 vs Reflex:1d4+12 radiant damage
Effect:The burst create a zone bounded by the burning ground that last until the end of its next turn ,when ever an enemy within leaves it that enemy takes 5 fire damage.
Moon Cage(standard,encounter)arcane,cold,implement
Range 10:+22 vs Reflex:1d10+17 cold damage and the target is restrain until the end of its next turn.
Stalking Frost(standard,at will)cold,implement,arcane
Close burst 3:+20 vs Fortitude:2d8+12 damage, if the target doesn't end it's turn at least 4 square away from where it started its turn: it takes 10 cold damage.
Fog Form(immediate interrupt,encounter)utility,arcane
Trigger: Ketass Sorcerer is hit by an attack
Effect: it become insubstantial until the end of its next turn
Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
Ketass Sorcerer Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn 
Cloak of Sehanine
Ketass Sorcerer gain partial cover to creature more than 5 square away and superior cover to creature more than 10 square away.
Skills:Arcana+15, Bluff+18, Dungeoneering+11,Stealth+11
Alignment:Unaligned. Language:Common,Elven 
Str:21(+13). Dex:12(+9). Wis:12(+9)
Con:14(+10). Int:14(+10). Cha:21(+13)
Equipment:Hide Armor,Bastard Sword(katana), Shortsword(Wakizashi) 

Ketass Sorcerer Tactics
Ketass Sorcerer prefer to fight in long range,firing moon cage to potential armored melee warriors, while using blazing Starfall to soften out the target, and use stalking frost to push back the enemy that comes in too close , while using fog form to minimize its damage, depending on the tactics it normally save its shadow shift for escape specially on a hit and run attack.

Ketass Samurai. Level 17 Elite Soldier(Leader)

Small Natural Humaniod. XP:3,200
Sehanine Guidance aura sight: all Ketass allies in aura gain +1 bonus to all defense and +2 bonus to damage
Initiative:+12. Sense:+16 perception;Darkvison
HP:320 ; Blooded:160
AC:35. Fort:32 Reflex:30 Will:31
Saving Throw+2
Action Points:1
*Katana(Standard,at will)Weapon
Melee:+24 vs AC:1d10+7 damage
*Wakizashi(Standard,at will)Weapon
Melee:+24 vs AC:1d6+7 damage
Shortbow(standard, at will) weapon
Range 15/30:+24 vs AC:1d8+2 damage target is immobilize until the end of its next turn after effect: target is slowed (save ends)+Ketass Poison
Twin Slash(standard, at will) weapon
Make one katana attack and one Wakizashi attack and target is mark until the end of its next turn 
Ki Strike(no action , recharge 5,6)weapon 
Trigger: before Ketass samurai roll the damage roll of a melee attack
Effect: damage is automatically full 
Death Strike(standard, Recharge when blooded)weapon 
Effect: on a critical hit target hit points is reduce to 0
Melee:+24 vs AC:4d10+7 damage target is weaken and daze(save ends both)
Parrying Strike(immidiet interrupt,at will)weapon
Trigger: Ketass samurai is hit by a melee attack
Effect+22 vs reflex:1d6+7 damage and Ketass samurai gain +2 to all defense until the end of Ketass samurai next turn
Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
Ketass Samurai Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn 
Glorious Whirlwind(standard,recharge 4,5,6)weapon
Close burst 1: attAck all enemy within burst with ur katana for every target hit each allies affected by Selanine's Guidance gain bonus to all defense equal to the number of target hit. 
Ketass Poison
Attack+18 vs Fortitude: Target takes -2 Penalty to attack rolls and(save ends)
First fail:target is also weaken and daze (save ends all)
Second fail:target is also stunned(save ends)
Third fail: target falls unconscious until the end of encounter
Skills: Diplomacy+17, History+14, Stealth+10, Dungeoneering+18
Alignment: unaligned. Language:common,Elven 
Str:21(+13). Dex:14(+10). Wis:16(+11)
Con:16(+11). Int: 12(+9). Cha:18(+12)
Equipment: Plate Armor, Bastard Sword(katana), Short Sword(Wakizashi), Shortbow, Quiver with 30 Ketass Poison Arrows

Ketass Samurai Battle Tactics
This type of Ketass before to fight head to head in melee, it only use it's short bow to bring down flying creature so they could bring down for a melee attack Normally they lead the squad by charging head on using action points to use Death strike when ever possible then using Ki-strike to make a good solid damage, then assaulting it with twin slash then using glorious whirl wind when surrounded to give the max bonus to its allies , also parrying strike for defense, they Normally save shadow shift on dire situation .

Ketass Warmage Level 19 Controller(leader)
Small Natural Humaniod. XP:2400
Selinine's Shadow(aura 5) All Ketass allies within area gain concealment, those already having concealment and +1 power bonus to attack rolls.
Initiative:+14 Sense:Perception+17;Darkvision
HP:172; Blooded:86
AC:33 Fort:29 Reflex:31 Will:32
*Katana(standard,at will)weapon,radiant
Melee:+23 vs reflex: 1d10+8 radiant and fire damage target is daze And slow until end of Ketass Warmage next turn
*Wakizashi(standard,at will)weapon
Melee:+23 vs reflex:1d6+8 radiant and fire damage
Blazing bolt(standard,at will)radiant,implement
Range 10:+23 vs reflex:2d6+8 radiant damage target is blind and slowed until the end of its next turn 
Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
Ketass Warmage Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn 
Moon Shine(standard,recharge 5,6)radiant 
Wall 5 within 20 square:+21 vs Reflex:4d10+8 radiant damage and target is blinded and daze(save ends both)
Radiant Shield(immidiet interrupt,recharge 4,5,6)radiant 
Trigger: hit by an attack
Effect: gain +4 to all defence until the end of ur next turn and triggering creature is daze (save ends)
Skills:Diplomacy +20, Stealth+20,Dungeoneering+19 
Alignment: unaligned. Language:common,Elven 
Str:14(+11). Dex:20(+14). Wis:16(+12)
Con:12(+10). Int: 14(+11). Cha:23(+15)
Gear:Hide Armor, Bastard Sword(katana), Short sword(Wakizashi)

Ketass Warmage Tactics
Ketass Warmage will always use range attack like blazing bolt if he can get the right opportunity she will fire moonshine ,she will always try to use radiant shield everytime she can, If close in he will try to use the katana to slow down his enemy so he can make his escape

Encounter Groups

Level 17 Encounter (8000 XP)
2 Ketass Sorcerer (Level 17 Artillery)
4 Ketass Warrior (Level 15 Lurker)

Level 19 Encounter(12400 XP)
1 Ketass Samurai (Level 17 Elite Soldier(leader))
1 Ketass Warmage(Level 19 Controller) 
2 Ketass Sorcerer (Level 17 Artillery)
3 Ketass Warrior (Level 15 Lurker)

Ketass Ronin. Level 18 Elite Soldier
Small Natural Humaniod. XP:4000
Initiative:+12. Sense:Perception+16;Darkvision 
Hit Points:334 ; Blooded:167
AC:36. Fort:33. Reflex:31. Will:33
Resistance: 10 fire
Saving Throw+2
Action Point:1
*Katana(standard,at will)weapon
Melee:+25 vs AC:1d10+8 damage 
*Wakizashi(Standars,at will)weapon
Melee:+25 vs AC:1d6+8 damages 
Burning Spray(standard,at will)Arcane,Implement,Fire
Close blast 3:+21 vs Reflex:1d8+16 fire damage ignore 10 fire resistance
Effect:the next creature that attack Ketass Ronin with a melee attack before the end of Ketass ronin next turn takes 6 fire damage
Divine Challenge(minor,at will)divine,radiant 
1 target within close blast 5: target is mark by divine challenge target takes penalty 2 to attack that doesn't include the marker, the first time the attached attack that doesn't include the marker in that turn the target takes 8 radiant damage. Ketass can only have one divine challenge at a time a new divine challenge supersued the old one.the marker must be adjacent to attack the mark creature before the end of his turn or loss the mark and can't mark until the end of Ketass ronin next turn.
Spark Form(standard, encounter) Arcane,lightning,implement 
Effect:Ketass Ronin shift 7 squares and can move through enemies square,when Ketass Ronin leave any of the creature space make the following attack against that creature , whenever ketass ronin use this power Ketass ronin can make the attack against a creature once.
Melee; +21 vs Reflex: 1d6+16 lighting damage 
Castigating Strike( standard,encounter)weapon,divine
Melee; +25 vs AC: 3d8+8 damage and each enemy within 3 square of Ketass Ronin is subject to his divine sanction until the end of katass ronin next turn
Divine Sanction
target is mark by divine challenge target takes penalty 2 to attack that doesn't include the marker, the first time the attached attack that doesn't include the marker in that turn the target takes 10 radiant damage. 
SpitFire Furnace(standard,daily)Arcane,Fire,implement 
Close blast 3:+21 vs Fortitude:4d10+16 Fire Damage Ignore 10 fire resistance
Effect:Until End of Encounter, Any Enemy that starts its turn within 2 square of Ketass Ronin takes 7 fire damage ignore 10 fire resistance
Sudden Scales(immidiete interrupt, encounter)arcane
Trigger:Ketass ronin is hit by an attack
Effect:Ketass Ronin gain +9 bonus to all defense against the triggering attack
Divine Aegis(minor,Daily)divine,stance
Effect: until stance ends, Ketass Ronin and any allies within 2 squares of the Ketass ronin gain a +2 bonus to all defense
Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
Note: may be use as an immediate interrupt trigger:when hit by an attack
Ketass Ronin Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn 
Skills:Arcana+15 Diplomacy+ 20 Insight+16 Stealth+10 Dungeoneering+18 
Alignment: Good or unaligned     Language: common,Elven,deep speech
Str:22(+15). Dex:13(+10). Wis:14(+11)
Con:15(+11). Int:12(+10). Cha:22(+15)
Plate Armor, Bastard Sword(katana), Short Sword(Wakizashi),

Ketass Ronin Tactics
To battle Ketass Ronin normally use divine aegis and spitfire furnace the first chance it gets spending an action point if necessary, as the battle progress the ronin will use katana and Burning spray sparringly, how would mark the most offensive opponent he can see, and try to take it down as soon as possible , I'm which case they use castigating strike to mark as many opponent as possible, and would also not hesitate to use sudden scale when hit, the Ketass ronin will often save shadow shift for emergency escape.

Ketass Ronin Encounter Group
Unlike most Ketass ,the ronins are traveling merchants not drifter as one would expect and they tend to travel way out thier city limits most of the time they will even reach the surface world, although most Ketass specially those belonging to the samurai class tend to to avoid mingling with ronins unless on official transaction, even then contact is minimal, in the Ketass cities they are segregated from the main populations , although most samurai  knows it's not healthy to challenge them to a duel, ronin are quite well experience in the art of sword play and magic, and there are more than one samurai who learn it the hard way.Ronin are also a lot more friendly than most of thier kind, almost like thier halflings in a way, they are equally at home in royal courts to in rowdy tavern even in underground caverns of the underdark to the city slums to the city markets. Normally since Ketass rarely travel they normally travel to sehanine worshipping drow elf who they consider as thier business partners.Ketass ronin always prefer to talk things out than fight it out! Fighting is bad for business 

Level 14 encounter (5200 XP)
1 Ketass Ronin (level 18 elite soldier)
2 Drow Warriors(level 11 lurker)

Level 15 encounter(6200 XP)
1 Ketass Ronin 
1 Drow Warrior
1 Drow Blademaster

Level 16 encounter(7400 XP)
1-Ketass Ronin
1-Drow Blademaster
3-Drow Warrior

Level 17 encounter(8000 XP)
1-Ketass Ronin
1-Drow Blademaster
4-Drow Warrior 

Level 17 encounter(8000 XP)* although this rarely formed
1-Ketass Ronin
2-Ketass Warrior
1-Ketass Sorcerer

Level 18 encounter(10,200 XP)
1 Ketass Ronin
2 Drow Blademaster
5 Drow Warrior

Note: All Drow here have an alignment of unaligned or good rather than evil
Social Caste
Samurai : Although all Caste is consider equal in power the samurai is the most repected, they are the first line and last line of defense of the community,they are willing to die defending the clan, they also follow a strict code of honor ,samurai have a tendency to feel they are above everybody else although in an fully armed city state abuse is rare and often unheard off (you done abuse a populance almost equally as armed as you are and who are quite well trained), this is the social class of society that most youth wanna strive to join but exam and test are regid and only a few ever get accepted, they are mostly the commanders and officers in the milita force . Samurais and Warmages normally belong to this caste

Farmers/Peasant: Unlike most miners,  farmers and hearders other race they are one of the richest of the community, second only to the Samurais and mechants and to respect they are second only to the samurai, farmers till and own huge chank of lands for mushroom farms and live stocks, or mined deep caverns for gems and metals,  although they still pay tax to the samurai it is never excessive considering they are compose of quite the majority of the population, a rebellion from them could be quite disaterous and during an assualt they form the bulk of the militia army. Warriors are normally members of this caste

Aritisan: They are compose of artist tanners servants smith entertainers executioners and butchers. the are only one step higher than the mechant class and are among the poorest of society although a few very skilled ones could amass great amount of wealth and respect that could rival the samurais,but majority of these people live in mediacore lives, but those who get hired in the palace often have more luxurious lives than those who are making a living out side, in the militia army they serve as the main artellery and fire power, Sorerers are normally the members of this caste

Merchant:  They are the least respected of the caste and are segregated from the other populance, although they are considered the richest iof all members of the cast and are the only ones allowed to go out way beyond their  land even to the surface world to trade for goods. people consider them taking advantage of the farmers produce and the aristian work so people dont mingle with them, unless of official business and transaction, although they live in the refugee area( which most are drow who defected to a good or neutral god normally Sehanine) they live in the highest luxuries any place can offer, most of thier workers are drow who often share the same type of luxuries, among the other case Merchant are the most friendly are act almost like halfling and are equally as likable, normaly they wear armor fashion in surface dweller fashion, they are rarely called to militia service unless on dire situation because of the social barriers: Ronins and some refugee drow belong to this caste
The race write up is rather bland, a power, one kinda meh feature, and that's about it.

I'd advise expanding blade master to just being able to wield weapons as a medium creature (normally I'd be against a weapon ability but frankly in my mind it's a non-ability and as long as the other features are inline with say an elf or whatevs we're golden).

Next try to come up with a feature or two. I mean they already have darkvision right? So you can get away with just one really good one and a little something for flavor.
Thanks for the suggestion  
hmm how about shadow shift dont really know if its ok but I was also thinking of weakening it a bit from

Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
     Gain insubstantial or phasing until end of your next turn


Shadow Shift(minor action, encounter)racial
You Gain phasing and insubstantial end of next turn or until an attack that damage you is resolve or until you phase through an object which ever come first

and adding a new feat :
 Divine Wind:req:paragon,katass race: your shadow shift now will last only until the end of your next turn , instead of being deactivated once ur damage or phase though am object .
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