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We completed the season last night and much of the fight turned into a bottleneck, just as I thought it would. This map created a bottleneck THE FIRST time it was used earlier in the season - only then the start area was in another location.
I ruled that the wall by the stairs was more of a bannister/half wall that could be climbed but they were still stuck there for most of the fight.

This entire season was a disappointment because it seemed so many sessions were poorly thought out or the maps did not match the description, or the starting location did not make sense.

The session where the entire encounter was a skill session did not go over well at our location - a couple tables completed it within 15 minutes.

The variety of monsters....well, there WAS no variety for most of the sessions - it was drow, drow and more drow (with spiders of course).

The author was not to be found on the board for the entire season to offer suggestions or clarifications.

Not to mention the fact that the treasure reward for the final encounter was missing - how did THAT get overlooked. I had the errata beforehand, but I couldn't help but think that SOME reward (other than xp) was intended to be offered as well. After all, LFR now allows porting these characters over and many of our players intend to do that.

My table had a blast. They finished the campaign last week, when they trapped the Pendant and Khara in the Abyss, so this week, they played a one-shot I made up based on the Big Lebowski. It was weird and surreal, and at the end of it, they blackmailed a king into giving them land.

I agree this campaign left a lot to be desired. I only hope next season is better. But I say that every season.

Last night, in fact, most players were talking about what they're going to play. I made sure everyone knew that the drow worth mechanic has no benefit if you're not playing a drow, and that it's going to be fun to play with that mechanic. It limited a lot of the folks who were planning to play one race over another based entirely on char op, rather than story. It's not like you need characters to be optimized in Encounters, after all! 
My group ended the session and season well.
The driders crawled up onto the cielings and attacked upside down, threatening all of the squares in the start area. Due to their reach, they could attack the PCs, but none of the PCs could retaliate via melee. Combined with the lighting net artillery of the wizards, the encounter seemed impossible after round 1.
Sulwood remarked to the characters on her turn that thier only hope was reforging the pendant. On the targeted player's turn, Elminster kept asking questions and offering advice. On Valan's turn, he rambled on about a new order for the Queen of Spiders, who will become "the new goddess of magic."
Between Sulwood's observations, Elminster's advice and Valan's Bond villain-esque ramblings, the PCs fought their way to the sepulchre and took massive damage.
The rest was downhill. The insubstantial, phasing thief reforged the pendant before the driders could reposition. Getting it back to Sulwood, she activated the pendant. To save time and explain the nature of the "protective wards" left vague by the adventure, the enemies started taking ongoing damage as they were cooked alive, from the inside out.
In the end, Lady Ulphor declared victory and offered the gratitude of Shadowdalee to a wandering Duo of ogres who saved the citizens by eating the drow aggressors... an unlikely pair of adventurers known only as "the Meat Brothers." Elminster and the PCs were happy to divert the spotlight from themselves, moving on with their lives in anonymity.
I'm glad your James Bond moment went so well. And I remember the "Meat Brothers" from earlier in the season-- I'll bet your heroes loved the callback joke, too!

our season finale's - as of Saturday afternoon we still hadnt received the next season pack or the one for lair assault.

Hopefully they'll have arrived by this wednesday evening.

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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