Which previous Gamma World module do you use for inspiration?

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Seeing as Famine in Fargo n Legion of Gold basically got re-made for 4E, what other previous Gamma World module do you draw the most inspiration from.  Mine would undoubtedly be Alpha Factor which kicked off a great campaign in a far more serious Gamma World campaign than I think is possible now.   
Besides the original LoG by Gygax, there were several mini adventures that appeared in the printed form of Dragon Mag. that influenced our GW campaign greatly.
I use the mini-module Albuquerque Starport. It's small enough to play in a session and easy to convert. I've used it for the 7th edition. 
Albuquerque Starport.


How are the older Gamma World modules? I read the original rule set and got several ideas for homebrew Omega Techs. We have two campaigns going that I designed to be somewhat serious, or at least as much so as my players allow. I always like more ideas, as its the only RPG we can get our spouses to play.
I think the old ones are great. I like Legion of Gold the older edition is far better than the new one. The Starport one is great too. Famine is a little to wacky, the new edition is better. The Cleansing War is good, pretty straight forward. The fourth GW module is a bore. The GW modules from 3rd editions are by far the best of the entire run. The Cities of Man, it's a huge quest to find parts for a space shuttle. It has everything and then some more. I highly recommend!
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