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Ok we have been playing d and d 4 e.  and my group would like to try gamma world as a change of pace. Should I get the starter box for GW or wait till the redo it with the 5 e rules. Or ate they even gonna do that ?  Also is there a character builder for it....what classes and races can you be. Thanks
My e4/pathfinder group switch to playing Gamma world a few months ago....they are having a great time. The game is really tongue in cheek and is pretty rules light. As for waiting for e5 idea since WOTC sort stopped supporting it. but we can only hope....this game is very unique.

The game is a little different then e4...there are no defined races or classes...basically you random generate 2 origins that define your character. In the group I GM we have a Gelatious AI, Exploding Cockroach, Gaint Anti-matter blaster and temporal sort of rag tag group. You can find all the origins listed in the sticky in this forum.

There is not character builder per say but they do have interactive character sheet that you can use...

The game prides it self on being rules light and very random. Plus the setting is built so the GM cna do jsut about anything and it fits. 

Hope this helps 
Get the starter box.  It has everything you need.  Ooops.  You'll need dice which it sounds like you already have.  Also, the character sheets included in the box are inadequate.  You'll have to write on the back.  A better option is to perform a internet search.  There are plenty of homebrew character sheets that are better.
Thanks everyone I think I will check out the box set!  One thing that is a concern is that while checking out these forms. Is that , it seems that we need to buy cards like the magic game .  Is that true ?
The box set will come with a set of Alpha Mutation / Omega Tech cards for you to use - the boosters just expand on those - so you can run Gamma World just fine with out buying boosters. 
Yeah, you can enjoy the boxed set without buying any booster decks. (And you might be on the lookout for the game or supplements or booster decks on discount racks of game stores. I'm pretty sure my local store decided that GW was "done" since it was 4E based and discounted it....)

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