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Is anyone else having issues reporting their Encounters events?
Recently I've started to experience an error: Invalid End Date Processing Error

It's a huge pain because we're up to 4 tables now.  After entering everyone's DCI and trying to upload I get this error.
Contacted Wizards and they said they knew about the problem, and in order to avoid it we should report the event on the same day.   That's sometimes rough for me to do since I'm already getting home late.

It's a known issue. You can contact them to fix it manually, but they really need to fix this in the next WER update, and they need to do it ASAP.

I also had a problem reporting a coordinator as participating in an event as a player. I don't know if that was ever solved, though, as I haven't had to report and event since then.
My coordinator mentioned the same thing recently.
- Rico
Similar here, happened after the last update (though bizarely this weeks went in no problem).

I've sent a notification to WPN in the UK (where I'm based) and they are looking into it.

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work around is to click teh edit button and tick teh box next to the date and save it will work fine
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