Terra Wasteland: A new pre-5e Gamma World forum.

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what is pre-5th edition? Have you heard something that you should share?
I think he is just refering to the first 4 editions of Gamma world, The current edtion actually being the 7th edition.
Could be an interesting place eventually once they get some posts and discussion going, but I hate it when someone comes to a board and their only post is one trying to encouage you to leave the board and go to theirs instead. Undecided
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Don't know why I'm posting this, but here it goes. 1st) I was referring to the 1st 4 editions of  Gamma World. 2nd) At least I posted in the Gamma World forum and have also posted other posts. 3rd) Forum has been updated and is now a forum for all post-apocalyptic RPGs including all editions of Gamma World among other RPGs. So join, invite your friends, invite strangers, and try to pretend I'm not desperate for new mememrer