Trouble in Freeboro

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How many pages does it have? Does it have any new origins?  
"Trouble in Freesboro" contains a 20-page adventure booklet (Includes 10-page campaign and 5 seperate encounters) with 3 handout maps and charts and an 16-page Game Day Instruction pamphlet. There are no new origins but there is a new creature,  The Light Sentry Bot.

There are rules for Wandering Monsters which was kinda neat because that is an important aspect of DnD4
Thanks! I saw it on ebay for 30 bucks. Seems a little sparce for that price. 
The "20 pages" (including the maps and player handouts are all "half-sheet" size so the booklet is much smaller than you might think even by my description. The game ay instructions are 8 full-size 8.5x11 sheets. I think $30 (or 29.99) is the going rate for the expansion sets "Legion of Gold" and "Famine in Far-go" When Wizards reduced the size of the books, they may have taken out a lot of material.
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