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Okay, at the end of a block I'm working on, I've got a large set that's pretty much completely up in the air at this point, except that it takes place mostly underwater, and has some of the minor themes already laid out. What it's missing is its primary mechanical identity, something that mechanically ties it to das Unterseethema.

So, that's the contest criterion. Create one or more cards that showcase a keyword, ability word, or other mechanical thing that conveys an underwater world. One that you don't mind me shamelessly stealing and possibly modifying as necessary. The main criterion is how well it seems to fit with the rest of the block. Bonus points will be given for ideas that also indicate a direction for the following block. Bonus points will also be given for posting a whole bunch of ideas, even if they're all rubbish. Superbonus points if the showcased card(s) isn't/aren't blue.

The prize is the sense of accomplishment and pride that only these contests can give you. And maybe I'll stick a legendary creature loosely based on you into the set. Possibly with the winning mechanic. I guess I may also comment/grade all the cards, too.
Seafoam Hexwitch
Creature - Merfolk Shaman {R}
, : Put a flood counter on target permanent. That permanent is an Island land as long as it has a flood counter on it.
"May you fascinate a hexwitch."-Ursulan curse.

On the one hand being able to turn things back from being turned into seafoam seems a bit odd, but it seems fitting that one hexmage can counteract another, and when I realized the card could be rescued by Chisei, Heart of Oceans I was like "Welp."

Zammm = Batman.

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Everything is better when you read it in Bane's voice.
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Your human antics and desire to continue living have moved me. Just kidding. You cannot move me physically or emotionally. Wall humor.
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Copy effects work like a photocopy machine: you get a copy of the 'naked' card, NOT of what's on it.
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Funny story: InQuest Magazine (I think it was InQuest) had an oversized Chaos Orb which I totally rooked someone into allowing into a (non-sanctioned) game. I had a proxy card that was a Mountain with "Chaos Orb" written on it. When I played it, my opponent cried foul: Him: "WTF? a Proxy? no-one said anything about Proxies. Do you even own an actual Chaos Orb?" Me: "Yes, but I thought it would be better to use a Proxy." Him: "No way. If you're going to put a Chaos Orb in your deck you have to use your actual Chaos Orb." Me: "*Sigh*. Okay." I pulled out this huge Chaos Orb and placed it on the table. He tried to cry foul again but everyone else said he insisted I use my actual Chaos Orb and that was my actual Chaos Orb. I used it, flipped it and wiped most of his board. Unsurprisingly, that only worked once and only because everyone present thought it was hilarious.
My DM on Battleminds:
no, see i can kill defenders, but 8 consecutive crits on a battlemind, eh walk it off.
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Hi guys! So, I'm a sort of returning player to Magic. I say sort of because as a child I had two main TCG's I liked. Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. Some of my friends branched off in to Magic, and I bought two pre-made decks just to kind of fit in. Like I said, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon were what I really knew how to play. I have a extensive knowledge of deck building in those two TCG's. However, as far as Magic is concerned, I only ever used those two pre made decks. I know how the game is played, and I know general things, but now I want to get in the game for real. I want to begin playing it as a regular. My question is, are all cards ever released from the time of the inception of this game until present day fair game in a deck? Or are there special rules? Are some cards forbidden or restricted? Thanks guys, and I will gladly accept ANY help lol.
I have the same problem with women.
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Oh I have a standing rule. If someone plays a Planeswalker I concede the game. I refuse to play with or against people who play Planeswalkers. They really did ruin the game.
A turn two Tibalt win?! Wicked... Betcha don't see that everyday.

The Pony Co. 

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And that's why you should never, ever call RP Jesus on being a troll, because then everyone else playing along gets outed, too, and the thread goes back to being boring.
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See, this is why RPJesus should be in charge of the storyline. The novel line would never have been cancelled if he had been running the show. Specifically the Slobad and Geth's Head talkshow he just described.
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Not only was that an obligatory joke, it was an on-topic post that still managed to be off-topic due to thread derailment. RP Jesus does it again folks.
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I think I'm gonna' start praying to Jesus... That's right, RPJesus, I'm gonna' be praying to you, right now. O' Jesus Please continue to make my time here on the forums fun and cause me to chuckle. Amen.
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It was wonderful. Us Johnnies had a field day. That Timmy with the Grizzly bears would actually have to think about swinging into your Mogg Fanatic, giving you time to set up your silly combo. Nowadays it's all DERPSWING! with thier blue jeans and their MP3 players and their EM EM OH AR PEE JEES and their "Dewmocracy" and their children's card games and their Jersey Shores and their Tattooed Tenaged Vampire Hunters from Beverly Hills
Seriously, that was amazing. I laughed my *ss off. Made my day, and I just woke up.
[quote=ArtVenn You're still one of my favorite people... just sayin'.[/quote]
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.....would it be a bit blasphemous if I said, "PRAYSE RPJAYSUS!" like an Evangelical preacher?
Perhaps, but who doesn't like to blaspheme every now and again? Especially when Mr. RPJesus is completely right.
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I don't say this often, but ... LOL
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You... You... Evil something... I actualy made the damn char once I saw the poster... Now you made me see it again and I gained resolve to put it into my campaign. Shell be high standing oficial of Cyrix order. Uterly mad and only slightly evil. And it'll be bad. Evil even. And ill blame you and Lizard for it :P.
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I'm trying to work out if you're being sarcastic here. ...
Am going to stop you right there... it's RPJesus... he's always sarcastic
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we can only hope it gets the jace treatment...it could have at least been legendary
So that even the decks that don't run it run it to deal with it? Isn't that like the definition of format warping?
I lol'd.
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Uktabi Orangutan What the heck's going on with those monkeys?
The most common answer is that they are what RPJesus would call "[Debutantes avert your eyes]ing."
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...Am I the only one that thinks this is reaching the point of downright Kafkaesque insanity?
I condone the use of the word Kafkaesque. However, I'm presentely ambivalent. I mean, that can't be serious, right? We're April 1st, right? They didn't mod RPJesus for off-topic discussion when the WHOLE THREAD IS OFF-TOPIC, right? Right.
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Save or die. If you disagree with this, you're wrong (Not because of any points or arguements that have been made, but I just rolled a d20 for you and got a 1, so you lose).
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This just won the argument, AFAIC.
That's just awesome.
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That's what RPJesus tends to do. That's why I don't think he's a real person, but some Magic Card Archive Server sort of machine, that is programmed to react to other posters' comments with obscure cards that do in fact exist, but somehow missed by even the most experienced Magic players. And then come up with strange combos with said cards. All of that is impossible for a normal human to do given the amount of time he does it and how often he does it. He/It got me with Light of Sanction, which prompted me to go to RQ&A to try and find if it was even possible to do combat damage to a creature I control (in light that Mark of Asylum exists).
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heaven or hell.
Round 1. Lets rock.
GG quotes! RPJesus just made this thread win!
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Blue players get all the overpowerered cards like JTMS. I think it's time that wizards gave something to people who remember what magic is really about: creatures.
Initially yes, Wizards was married to blue. However, about a decade ago they had a nasty divorce, and a few years after that they began courting the attention of Green. Then in Worldwake they had a nasty affair with their ex, but as of Innistrad, things seem to have gotten back on track, and Wizards has even proposed.
You are my favorite. Yes you. And moments like this make it so. Thank you RPJesus for just being you.
On what flavor text fits me:
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Surely RPJesus gets Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius?
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First: I STILL can't take you seriously with that avatar. And I can take RPJesus seriously, so that's saying something.
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I'd offer you a cookie for making me laugh but it has an Upkeep Cost that has been known to cause people to quit eating.
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I <3 you loads
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"AINT NO LAWS IN THE SKY MOTHER****." - Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran
10/10. Amazing.
Depth counters represent how deep a creature is swimming. Creatures of the deep can see, and thus block, creatures swimming above them, but now below. Depth counters provide evasion, similar to flying: an attacking creature with X depth counters on it can only be blocked by creatures with X or more depth counters on them. The attacking creature is swimming too deep to be seen by other creatures.

Drop Anchor
Distribute two depth counters among one or two target creatures you control. Those creatures gain vigilance until end of turn. (Creatures with depth counters can't be blocked by creatures with fewer depth counters.)

Because a creature's depth is often a static value, like flying, creatures that enter the battlefield with depth counters on them follow a simple notation:

Depth X (This creature enters the battlefield with X depth counters on it. Creatures with depth counters can't be blocked by creatures with fewer depth counters.)

Storm Bass
Creature - Fish
Depth 1 (This creature enters the battlefield with a depth counter on it. Creatures with depth counters can't be blocked by creatures with fewer depth counters.)
Storm bass diving, hungry sharks thriving.
Storm bass resurfaces, dinner for porpoises.


Crevice Eel
Creature - Specter Fish (R)
Depth 3 (This creature enters the battlefield with three depth counters on it. Creatures with depth counters can't be blocked by creatures with fewer depth counters.)
Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card.

Depth counters allow cards to permanently interact with the evasive abilities of themselves and other cards.

Harpoon Sentry
Creature - Merfolk Soldier (U)
: Remove a depth counter from target creature.
"You've terrorized my shoal for too long, daggermouth. I'll see to it you're floating upside-down by darkness' fall."

Diving Dolphin
Creature - Whale (C)
: You may put a depth counter on ~ or remove one from it.

Slipcurrent Mako
Creature - Fish (C)
Whenever ~ attacks, put two depth counters on it. Remove them at end of turn.
"If you smell blood on the current, close your eyes, because that's all you're going to have time to do." - Alandia Kelpshadow, Ranger of the Reefs

Torpedo Dragon
Creature - Dragon Turtle (R)
: ~ gets +2/+0 until end of turn. Put a depth counter on it.

Dangling Jellyfish
Creature - Jellyfish (U)
: ~ deals damage to target attacking creature equal to the number of depth counters on it.
Its most potent stingers lay at the ends of its tentacles, which sweep the ocean floor like lashes.

Like with flying, green won't have very many divers, but it will have a reach equivalent. This time, green has the advantage of always being able to block no matter how deep the creature is swimming, making them superior on the defensive to depth creatures.

Giant Spidercrab
Creature - Crab (C)
Bottom-dweller (This creature can block creatures with depth counters on them.)
I have a few ideas, none of them too well formed, but I'll add moe as it goes.

Ocean Slayer  
Creature - Mefolk Rogue 

Wave 2: Return two permanents you control to their owners hand as this card enters the battlefield, destroy target creature.


Seaheart Dreamer  
Creature - Merfolk Wizard 

Wave: Return a permanent you control to it's owners hand, draw a card


 Wave: By effectively returning permanents you can get abilities, returning a numbe of permanents equal to the Wave cost. (I couldn't think of a better name for it)

Creature - Beast

Ebb : You may this as an additional cost when the spell is cast. Return this card to it's owner's hand at the end of the turn. It gains haste until the end of turn.

If ~'s Ebb cost was paid it gains +2/+0 until the end of turn.


Kelpie Muncher
Creature - Fish

Ebb : You may this as an additional cost when the spell is cast. Return this card to it's owner's hand at the end of the turn. It gains haste until the end of the turn.

If ~'s Ebb cost was paid target creature gains +2/+2 until the end of turn. 


Ebb: By paying an extra cost you get the creature for a turn, before it rushes off as the 'flow' of the tide takes it back, ready to come around again. With Ebb a creature gains haste as well, which would allow tapping abilties on Ebb cards.
Magma Vent Hydra
Creature - Hydra
Deepspawn 9 (When you cast this creature from your hand, exile it. It has : put a spawn counter on this card. When the number of spawn counters equals the Deepspawn number listed, you may cast this creature without paying its mana cost)

You get the idea... giant sea monsters rising from the depths to do battle. The ability lets you pay for them over the course of several turns.

Sounding Whale

Creature - Whale
Whale Call (Tap this permanent: look at the top card of your library. If it shares a creature type with this creature, you may reveal that card and put it into your hand.)

This would work better with other creature types , ie "fish call" "bird call" etc. It'd probably fit green or white pretty well, but I have no idea what tribes they use.
Breathe X (Whenever you cast a spell, you may put a counter on target creature of a type that creature already has.)

Docking Bay
~ enters the battlefield tapped.
Add or to your mana pool.
Breathe 1 (Whenever you cast a spell, you may put a counter on target creature of a type that creature already has.)

Naval Recruits
Creature - Human Soldier
Breathe 2

Coin Horder
Creature - Goblin
Breathe 1

Mulch Elemental
Creature - Elemental
When ~ enters the battlefield, put a mulch counter on it.
~ power and toughness are equal to the number of mulch counters on it.
Breathe 1

I'm going to chalk up the low entry quantity to the fact that this is a hard thing to wrap a mechanical theme around. Which explains my own inability to come up with something halfways decent. Thank god for brainstorming thinly veiled as a contest!

RPJesus: Flood and/or Untap - This is interesting in that it both implies the untap mechanic and the flood counter mechanic. Turning anything into an Island is a cool twist on the old flood counter system. Sticking an untap ability on a 0/1 seems pretty cruel, though.

Steinhauser: Depth - This is a really interesting take on the old "dive" idea. Though I'm not a huge fan on counters that have an intrinsic effect beyong ±X/±X counters. A lot of very straightforward cards here (so many so that grading them all is daunting - fortunately, I said "may"). I think I like Crevice Eel the most, but there's a major flavour issue with it - Specters fly around on big winged beasts; this creature should have been an evil remora attached to a stingray or something.

ObsidianConspiracy: Wave - Really out to be an ability word, with the number dropped, or an action word, I suppose. The timing restriction on the first card is very strange, not sure why it's there. Seaheart Dreamer seems pretty broken though. Really pretty broken. Unless it's also supposed to have the same timing restriction.
ObsidianConspiracy: Ebb - I don't think this should cost more, or at least, not necessarily. This should probably be an alternate cost like evoke. These ones would probably be higher alternate costs, but the option should exist.  But I like the concept quite a bit. Grokable.

Exxile72: Deepspawn - This is not as grokable. It really feels like it should be an alternate cost like suspend. While you can get it immediately by paying for all the spawn counters, it comes off as strange. And a 7/7 trampler is in no way worth paying 12 mana on one turn.
Exxile72: Type Call - This also implies a tribal bent. I certainly like it more than deepspawnn. Something seems weird about the activation cost being shoved into the reminder text. I think the most interesting thing about putting it on this card is that it's a whale. And Bird call sounds fine, too. Fish call, however, sounds like a horrible Aquaman joke.

SimonGlume: Breathe - Okay, first off, what does the number indicate? Because there's no variable in that reminder text. If it does scale though, having multiple permanents with breathe out can get out of hand with even just a creature with a +1/+1 counter on it. And then I have no idea what it has to do with breathing, what it has to do with being underwater, etc. Mulch Elemental is the most interesting, but seems like the quickest to go bonkers.

Anyway, on to choosing a winner. Flood counters use a part of design space already covered by one of the minor mechanics. As do depth counters, unless I restricted them to just being "depth 1" and ignored the counters, which seems like a shame. Wave conflicts pretty heavily with a different minor mechanic. Deepspawn isn't grokkable. Creature call sounds a bit weird with the tribes currently in place, and loses it's underwater charm when used with them. And I'm not sure what's going on with breathe.

So ObsidianConspiracy is the winner with Ebb, which I like more each time I look at it and think about other things to do with it. There will be some sort of obsidian conspiracy in the set. Once I get to fleshing it out. In the interim, you can still have all that sweet, sweet pride. Congratulations!
Awesome, thanks. It was evoke that gave me the idea actually.
I know its too late, but here are a couple of things I thought of:

Submerge (~ can't be chosen as a target or block until end of turn.)

So something like:

Gentle Giant [manacost]4UU[/manacost]
Creature - Whale
Submerge [manacost]UU[/manacost] (Gentle Giant can't be chosen as a target or block until end of turn.)

Lord Triton [manacost]1UU[/manacost]
Legendary Creature - Merfolk
Merfolk you control have Submerge [manacost]0[/manacost]

or the idea that theres always a bigger fish, you could use a reverse Food Chain idea, call it Hunter or Carnivore or Ecosystem, like:

Carnivore (You may play this without paying its mana cost if you sacrifice a creature that costs exactly one less that it.)

Barracuda [manacost]2U[/manacost]
Creature - Fish
Carnivore  (You may play this without paying its mana cost if you sacrifice a creature that costs exactly one less that it.)
If you played Barracuda for its Carnivore cost, it has haste and is unblockable until end of turn.

Mako Shark [manacost]3U[/manacost]
Creature - Fish
Carnivore, submerge [manacost]1U[/manacost]
If a creature was destroyed or dealt damage this turn, Mako Shark get +3/+0 until end of turn and must attack if able.


magicpablo666 wrote:
These cards are Ball Tightening.
I_forget_who_dammit wrote:
Perfect originality is overrated and often ugly. The best and most beautiful cards I've ever seen were clearly inspired by something else. Cards are not entirely unlike living organisms in this regard. All the good ones are a result of long evolution; the 'original' ones are either monocellular or mutant aberrations.
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The weird part is reaching over the table, grabbing a card from their hand, and just staring slowly back at them, awkwardly, as you slide their voice of resurgence slowly into your pants.
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Graveborn are strictly better than Zombies. I mean, look at that wicked beard. You try growing that when your dead. And I know aging fellows who are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, who would kill for a Mop like Ribsy's over there.
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Hey Dudibus, I can't take you seriously until you take your shirt off!
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I'm just stating what I think is their opinion! :/
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