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     Ok so i'm new to Wizards Com, but i have a few questions.

My friends and I would like to start playing d&d. We went to buy 4E Red box but the store sold out and told us they are waiting for 5th Edition. I have never played before and was woundering if I should wait for 5th Edition, or look for 4E red box more?

 Also if i get 4E, are the parts interchangeable?

There is a little publicised link on the Wizards website


that allows you to "test drive" 4e and even supplies sample adventures - free of charge.

Another alternatve is to head along to your nearest store running Encounters, the D&D weekly program designed to showcase D&D to new and old players alike.

Hope this helps and welcome to the games

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If you look carefully on the Wizards site, there is a free download of some of the contents for 4E.
There's also Adventures - Keep on the ShadowFell and Khyber's Harvest available for Download.
There should be a Redbox set of Characters in the PDF, but if there isn't, I can try to find the other PDF for you.
They're all freely available

If you like what you have here, also free for download are the RPGA Adventures Archive.zip that includes 100-200 Adventures, each a single PDF file.
Though I'm a D&DInsider subscriber, not sure if its available to all.

Enough free fun for everyone while we wait for 5E with bated breath ;)

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Wow Thanks! You Guys Rule!!!

hey dudes im a complete noob to D&D but i play Magic and lords of waterdeep and conquest of nerath but if you guys can tell me what to buy as far as books and miniatures i would greatly appreciate it

Right now there is a ton to buy based on what you want. WotC is putting out the various editons of DnD. I would recommned  3.5  verison of DnD unless your local gaming store is running 4E.  Darkblade let me know if you live near a store that is doing Encounters. 

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