Where is the Deck of Many Things?

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Back in August they announced a Gamma World version of the Deck of Many Things.  wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ro3/...

Did I miss it?  Has there been any word?

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Aw geeze, I saw it in a recent product that came out. it was a DnD item.

I remember thinking, the deck was the only cool thing in it.

Ah!   Madness at Gardmore Abbey, it is a boxed set module and the deck is in it.
You're referring to the regular Deck of Many Things.  This was supposed to be a Gamma World version released in Dungeon magazine.

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your right, it never appeared. I guess it makes sense. WotC never seemed to really like Gamma World.
I have been waiting for the cards, too.  It would be nice to find out their official fate.
Wow, I had no idea. I guess it was going be like a deck of JUNK or something?
The article suggested that the Gamma World deck was for DUNGEON magazine. Since I'm not an insider I would have missed it. Perhaps someone who subscribes can tell us if it ever happened.

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I looked in the archives and couldn't find it.

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I submitted a pitch for a Gamma World article during the recent open submission period, and was told that they are not supporting Gamma World in the magazines. So no more Gamma World; it's dead.
Except WOTC specifically announced this during a Rule of 3 article.  I thought after that whole debacle over canceled books they were being more careful with their announcements.

I emailed WOTC and hopefully will receive some acknowledgement...

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Hopefully they reply.

Looks like I am going to run another short GW campaign.  Yay!
4 months later and I sent another message. Here's the responce:

CS: "I checked with our Dungeons & Dragons team, and it seems that the article, which was previously in a pending state, was not released. I apologize for the lack of information regarding this.
Have a nice day!"


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