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Hi everyone.

I like using miniatures for my games instead of tokens. I've been trying to find a good source of miniatures to use for the pixies. I've found a few... an Arcana Unearthed set of 2 from Iron Wind Metals... a set of 3 from Fenryll Miniatures (although one looks like she's Hawaiian and another is mostly nude). Has anyone found any others?

I'm thinking of converting some 1/72 scale model figures, and I've seen some HO scale train set fairy figures (although they're all nude), and I even considered buying some plastic Tinkerbell charms/beads, but if anyone else has any other ideas, let me know.

I'm just going to use goblin miniatures for the xivorts, but I'm not sure about the boggles yet, so if anyone has any ideas for those, please post them.

I'm sure Reaper has something you can use. I like using minis for PC's and important NPCs, and use Reaper minis quite a lot.
Ah. I'll admit I did forget about Reaper (mostly because I didn't find anything from them on eBay). I have some of their Legendary Encounters minis, but I don't buy metal minis. I'll consider them, since they have some nice pieces (just looked them up), but if anyone else has any recommendations they'd like to add, please do.

Edit: Granted, now that I look up "Reaper Fairy" on eBay, it comes up with a whole bunch of listings. *sigh* 
D&D Minis have a few fey:

Thorn (Pixie size)
Elf, Eladrin, Drow

Bryan Blumklotz
I going to see if I can find some heroclix Wasp figures
D&D Minis have a few fey:

Thorn (Pixie size)

Oh geez. I have like... 10 of these guys. How could I forget about them??!! *forehead slap*

Also, digging through my minis, I have one of the reaper sets of familiars with the "Dark Faerie".

Oh, and I have some Gruts from Heroscape, which I've rebased, and I've been looking for an excuse to use them. Since they're goblin sized, I'll use them for the Xivorts. 
the lolthbound goblin is the closest thing i've found to the xivort. 
Yeah, the lolthbound goblins aren't too bad.

Here's the grut squad I'll be using.

Given this link to what Xivorts look like (at least the original drawing), it's not too bad a match...

Some of them even match the dual-blade style the one in that drawing is demonstrating. heh
The will o' wisp mini could feasibly be a stand-in for a pixie, imho. I just imagine the pixie is so small you're just sort of seeing the faint cloud of glowy pixie dust where ever they are.
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The will o' wisp mini could feasibly be a stand-in for a pixie, imho. I just imagine the pixie is so small you're just sort of seeing the faint cloud of glowy pixie dust where ever they are.

not a bad idea at all.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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Yeah, that is a pretty good idea. Thanks.
During session 1, I ended up using Goblin Cutters for the Xivort Slashers, Goblin Picadors for the Darters, and Dark Creepers for the Net Casters.


For the next few sessions I'm using a Wraith from Castle Ravenloft for the Echo Spirit (and either Will-o-wisps or Shardstorm Vortexes for the Spirit Echoes), and I'm using Galeb Duhrs as the mud men graspers and a mix of figures from Mage Knight (Living Elemental and Sand Minion) and Heroscape (Earth Elemental) for the mud men.

I'm going to use Shardstorm Vortexes for the waterspouts later in session 7, and I'll use Fiendish Dire Weasels as the otters if needed (and probably just tokens as the mounts, unless I can find some appropriately sized otter figurines, maybe by Safari or Schleich). 

My current quest is to find a good figure for Kalbon. From D&D there's the Ascendant Hellsword from Dungeons of Dread, the Spined Devil from Desert of Desolation, and the Sorrowsworn Reaper from Savage Encounters that would certainly work. I suppose some of the Gargoyle minis might work too, especially the ones from the Blood War and Dungeons of Dread sets. I have some of the DoD sculpts from the Castle Ravenloft game that I could easily paint to match Kalbon. 

Delving outside D&D minis, there are some Mage Knight figures that are pretty good. I think the Kossak Darkbringer figure from the MK2.0 set might be pretty good, but I need a better view of it to be sure. The Dark Berserker from the Nexus set, or Dragonslayer from the Dragon's Gate set (same figure, different name and different paintjob) isn't too bad if you added wings. Even a repainted Oak Warrior from the Sorcery set (again with wings added. 

From Heroscape, there's Taelord the Kyrie Warrior, from the Mallidon's Prophecy set. It's not the best representation, but it does satisfy the "medium-sized, horned, winged demon/devil miniatures" requirement.

There are a few interesting ones from the Reaper line, but it's a bit difficult to tell the scale of some of those... whether they'd be large or medium.  

Oh, and I've been looking for a good mini for Basal too. I think the best one I have is a Jotun from Heroscape. I won an eBay auction that had him without his card. He's not as valuable that way, so selling him isn't likely a choice, but I could rebase him easily enough. Only thing is, he turned out to be more HUGE sized than Large sized. Still, I might stick him on a large-sized base and just go with it.

I'm probably overthinking it, of course, but I like finding good represetations of the monsters. They don't have to be perfect, but close is very nice.
Our store has some randomized Smurf minis for some game. They are slightly larger than 1" scale, but the players found them amusing for Xivorts, then I had a player show up with a Gargamel mini. The players seem to be enjoying this Smurfs meet Romeo and Juliet season
I could have used Smurf figures, since some of the players were calling them Smurfs during the encounter.


I found some good minis to use for the Boggles!

I'll be using Squalid Gremlins from Mage Knight Pyramids, and Gremlins from Horrorclix Nightmares, rebased and repainted. 

I also scored a Sorrowsworn Reaper from a booster case of Savage Encounters I bought on Black Friday, which will work very nicely for Kalbon.
I actually made some miniatures of my own to use at Encounters. I've got a picture of my xivort minis on my deviantart page.

My players started calling them smurfs as well, though this has mostly given way to the term "LBA" (little blue _____s). 
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Session four miniatures:

Name of sculpt and the set they belong to

Soryth: Howling Hag — Dungeons of Dread
Xivort Slashers: Lolthbound goblin — Demonweb
Leprechaun: Gnome Recruit — Harbinger
Juliana: Elf Warlock — Starter Set #1 (released alongside Dungeons of Dread)
Those sound good.

I'll be using the same one for Soryth, but I'll be using Goblin Cutters (Legendary Evils) for the Xivort Slashers, the Male Gnome Rogue (PHB Heroes series 2) for the leprechaun, and someone is already using the Elf Warlock for his rogue, so I'll be using the Female Elf Fighter from PHB Heroes series 2.

I wasn't able to make time to do so, but I was going to take the Goblin Cutter minis I have in my Drizzt boardgame and paint them like Xivorts. 

If I use the Spriggan idea from the "Session 4 Notes" thread, I'll probably switch out the Male Gnome Rogue for the Gnome Trickster (Blood War) when that happens. 
Additionally, I did finally find some really good minis to use for Boggles. 

Horrorclix Gremlins (I had to find mine on eBay).
Mage Knight Squalid Gremlins (bought from T&T).

Both repainted to be grey. The Horrorclix ones are especially good! 
My table will be visiting Ragnar's camp it seems, so for this week ...

Hamadryad Charmer: Warden of the Wood (War of the Dragon Queen)
Pixie Archers: Halfling Archer (Demonweb) / if I have enough of them I will use the Thorn (Angelfire)
Young Unicorn: Unicorn (Dangerous Delves)

Pixies drive me nuts. I would like to use a size appropriate mini, but flame skulls (War Drums), Pseudodragons (Unhallowed), imps (Angelfire & Demonweb), stirges (War of the Dragon Queen & Demonweb), various mephits (Night Below & Unhallowed) and quasits (Giants of Legend) — to name more than a few — distract me from what the miniature is supposed to represent. So I'm going to roll with small sized miniatures and just call them "fey archers" or whatever the case may be instead of pixies.
Im using heroclix Ultimate Wasp figures for the pixies - I just made stands for them, to show them are flying. I dont have a good digital camera - so the picture I took of them isnt big enough to see them well.

pixie party
I'm changing up this encounter to reflect the miniatures I have available to me. Also, the size of the table I run fluctuates week to week. By changing the creatures I can add and subtract as needed and still use my chosen miniatures and not rely on tokens.

My encounter for five players will be—
1 Bloodthorn Vine — Wizened Elder Watcher / War of the Dragon Queen
2 Barkburr Trees
1 Myconid Guard — Myconid Guard / Aberrations
1 Greenvise Vine (decreased to lvl 5) — Greenvise Vine / Savage Encounters

So for each additional player at the table I will add another Myconid. If the table decreases in size I remove the Myconid first, then a Barkburr.

Here's my miniatures for this week—

Ariel Pixie Wind Mage — Blue, Giants of Legend
Waterspot — Air Mephit, Uhallowed
Giant Otter — Large token (not very fun but it might not be part of play anyways)
I'll be using a rebased/repainted Wasp miniature (Heroclix - Avengers) for Ariel (I changed him to a her). For the Waterspouts I'll be using Shardstorm Vortexes (Savage Encounters). I'll do the same for the Giant Otters, using a large token. 
We cancelled last week due to weather so we're doing double duty this week. Here's my mini's for both encounters:

Basal, Verbeeg Hunter: Sand Giant
Orlando: Defiant Rake
Xivort Slasher: Lolthbound Goblin
Xivort Darter: Goblin Sharpshooter
Xivort Net Caster: Goblin Picador
Xivort Shadow Caller: Goblin Cutter
Boggles, boggles, boggles this week ... gonna use Dekanter Goblin from Aberrations
I'm using rebased and repainted Horrorclix Gremlins for the 3 Chase Tricksters, and rebased and repainted Mage Knight Squalid Gremlins for the Blink Trickster and Sight Stealer. I've put them up on my blog: here and here.

I don't have anything for the Dew Frond, though. Hmph.
Those are some great conversions. Bravo.
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