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Hey all, I took over as organizer this season for my comic shop but unfortunately we have no tracking sheets in any of our mail packets.

I am looking to the community to help me out and either track down or post a copy of the player chapter trackers. Thanks for any help you all can give!
We also have this problem, I have checked the sheets on the Encounters page but they are for the previous season. 
We didn't get any either. Likely, wait till Monday at the earliest or Wednesday at the latest for the online copies to change to the new ones.
I was bored, and had some time on my hands.

Thank you Scotty 
But aren't there one or two not on there?
Hey Guys,

I had the same issue and contacted my WPN Rep, they had me believe I was alone in this!
After a few back and forth conversations they provided me with the following file (From WotC), you are more then welcome to use it, if you don't trust me, you are more then welcome to contact your WPN rep to get the same thing! ;p

File Via Dropbox:
Advanced Level TO
Huh, was fairly sure there was one for creating a fey character. Don't have my module on me, so perhaps someone could check that?
There is a session 0 but I don't know that the players need to track that one. We still report it like normal, but it's just a character building session.
Huh, was fairly sure there was one for creating a fey character. Don't have my module on me, so perhaps someone could check that?

Yes, there is a Session 0, however players will not get renown, xp, or gold for this and will not use the session tracking sheets. The sheets are for Sessions 1-13 (Session 14/0 is for Character Creation and Plot Background).

However, still keep track of who showed up as you will have the report the event like usual, failure to do so will mark the event delinquent. 
Advanced Level TO
No no, I mean creating a character using the source being pimped out. Like the Neverwinter themes last season. I just checked and, sure enough, on page 2 of the material, it gives 2 pts/season for creating a character with a fey race (dryad, pixie, whatever is offered in this book) Yet I don't think either of those include this element.
Thanks Sior. I didn't even notice that extra Fey character renown point entry. I just took a snapshot of that section of the neverwinterplaytracker.pdf file.

I'll fix that and update the link.

Okay, it's fixed and updated!

Edit: Oh, and it looks like WotC forgot that extra line in the Renown sections of the document too! 
Now I'm wondering if that will include Eladrin from Essentials or if it's limited to the HotFW book... Are Eladrin fey?
Yeah. Eladrin are fey. So are elves. They might mean those specific races from Heroes of the Feywild, but if so, they aren't being very clear about that.
I'm going to assume it means the new races for this season. I myself will be playing a gnome though. Still fey, but not new.
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