I just found out my store owner hasn't been reporting since July.

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So I just found out from one of the other DMs where we run Encounters that the store owner hasn't reported an Encounters session since July. He said that he's been unable to get the reporting system to work on his new PC.


We didn't get credit for running Lost Heir in August as well as promoting this to some of our players which means nobody will get the DM rewad "Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan".


Regular DMs didn't get any credit for any other possible rewards in the future based on points.

This may also explain why our store never received anything for Lair Assault.

Just wondering if anyone out there in WotC can help us DMs out.

I would offer to become a WPN coordinator (which requires permission from the store(s) that you are attached to), which I am one of several at my FLGS (shout out to Angel @ Guardian Games).

Once you are a WPN coordinator you can download Wizards Event Reporter and report events for the store (any event, Magic, D&D Encounters, Lair Assault). You can also order programs.

Step 1. Get sign-off from store owner (WotC is going to make sure the owner has approved you to run events at their store).

Step 2. Apply to be a WPN coordinator: here.
Note: You will want to choose Event Organizer radial button, then Sign Up as a Wizards Event Organizer radial button, enter your DCI Number. Fill out form.

Step 3. When your status of WPN Organizer for the store is confirmed (usually 1-2 days) download WER: here.

You will now be able to report and order all DDE and DDLA events for said store.

Once you get WER up and running on your PC, you can probably help the store owner get his working on his computer. After all you don't want to get stuck entering in Magic Tournanments because there are usually a ton more players and events, leave that to someone else.

My Two Coppers,

Bryan Blumklotz
DDE WPN Coordinator @ Guardian Games
Well, he finally decided to contact someone at WotC to help him out, so I'll find out tomorrow if he's back up and running. But, what about all the lost credit for running all these weeks? Can he still enter the information now?
I am not sure how far back he can report. That's a question for WotC CustServ or the WPN rep.

If you have the tacking sheets you should be able to enter in deliquint events (I assume that he was able to order events via the website) that show up in WER.

Good Luck

Bryan Blumklotz
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games
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