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Welcome to the House of Knowledge!
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Renown Tracker by Aaron Foss

Session 1     08/10/11
Session 1 Monsters
Session 1 Citizens & Tracker
Standalone Session 1 Tracker

Everything important is up and running. There may be some more, kinda superfluous stuff regarding themes coming later, but right now I need some rest. Many thanks to Aaron Foss for the renown trackers last season, which I've (poorly) attempted to convert for this season. After the aforementioned rest, that might be the first thing done/fixed, but maybe I'll leave that sort of stuff to the pro.

But back to standees and stuff. All the Neverwinter citizens should be pretty self-explanatory. You have your merchants, unimportant extras, and then a Lost Heir who seems to look rather conspicuously like a certain Neverwinter Noble I know. It was either that or give him a helmet, lose a crown, and gain breasts, which I figured was a bum deal for a male heir who may just happen to actually need a crown. Also, those aren't Genasi. They totally aren't Genasi. They're Plaguechanged; you can tell because they've got all sorts of blue on them: lines, eye lasers, fire hair. Plus look at those arms, those hips! They're definitely at unnaturally weird angles. What is he even doing? Running? Who runs like that? Oh, and before I forget, you get regular drakes; you'll have to paint them blue yourself. Some disassembly required.

Anyways, I hope you all will have some fun and enjoy this season of Encounters!
As alway a great job, thank you.  Rest Well!!
This is VERY helpful, I'll be coming back for more of these- Thanks!
Gnomish Magic Missile, awesome work as always!

The PreGens have moved to the Coordinator Tools thread.

Thank you,

Bryan Blumklotz
AKA Saracenus
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games

GMM, you are truly the Man.  Or the Gnome.  Or at least the only gnome I can stand =)  My boss thanks you, or I would have spent all day making these myself.  As good as tokens are, 3D stuff like these have a much bigger impact on making the game a more immersive experience.

Where do we start the petition to get you a cool recognition icon?  Keep up the good work!

INSIDE SCOOP, GAMERS: In the new version of D&D, it will no longer be "Edition Wars." It will be "Edition Lair Assault." - dungeonbastard

Very fantastic, thanks for the work.
These are amazing. Well done!

I can only repeat what has already been said, thanks again. A Badge of some kind would be cool, and I would be behind it if we can find out who to petition. And thanks to Erik for another great adventure!

I'll be making a new version of the renown tracker for use with this season. I'll post it here by Monday night.

EDIT: Or I'll harness the power of insomnia and get the update done tonight. This version is much, much better, so please, don't even look at the (comparatively hideous) older versions.

Link to the DA page: Lost Crown of Neverwinter tracking sheet
Direct download: Click Here
nice and clean.  thanks for posting it!

INSIDE SCOOP, GAMERS: In the new version of D&D, it will no longer be "Edition Wars." It will be "Edition Lair Assault." - dungeonbastard


Some things to note:

As usual with fights like these, the dragon has ±20% HP, as it is the easiest way to translate difficulty onto an encounter tracker. As always, you're free to (ignore this and) do whatever you want to strengthen/weaken your encounter–perhaps something from here? Because things with HP are all woobly, our friend's HP tracker is rather funkadelic (sorry, I was all out of parliament). BUT, good news is it's kind of easy to figure out. Sorta.

  • If you have ~6+ players, start your tracking in that little orange box that says 'Strong Party'. When you get to the peach boxes that begin with '6', your white dragon is now bloodied! YAY! The rest of the boxes between peach 6 and regular bloodied are also colored so you don't happen to forget after you fill in the initial box.

  • If you have ~4- players, you get to start at the blue-outlined box labeled '4'. Then, you aren't bloodied until you reach the light blue box with a 4.

  • If you have a regular party, you use the tracker as per normal. I've placed '5's at the appropriate points just in case all this other stuff has confused you.

There are also places to track your Rampage initiative, Action Points, and recharge, as well as a nice little reminder for the saving throw bonus.

As always, the work you have done is stellar.

Is there a template you are using to create the standees? Is that available? I have other events I run and I like having a great tool in my back pocket.


Bryan Blumklotz
AKA Saracenus
DDE WPN Coordinator for Guardian Games
Awesome!! got to love the bar fight scenes!! 
Gnomish, if I wasn't taken and I swung that way, I would marry you. Thanks for all the little extras to make DMing easier.
So good! Thanks for all your work on this.

Copyright does not protect the idea for a game

Rat Race

Is there a template you are using to create the standees?

Bryan, sorry for replying to this so long after the fact, things have been a little hectic around here lately. But yes, there is a template and even some instructions available to those who would like to make their own standees. Arkayden has been kind enough to share how he makes his standees and trackers using, but it's easy enough to convert these over to your prefered image editor. Do make note, however, that the trackers do take a bit more time/effort to create, but if anyone needs something a bit simpler (and rougher), I also have a pdn file for one like that. Just let me know if you'd be interested in that and I can go upload it somewhere.
I would love to see you pdn file for the tracker!
Time to Get Kraken, Lads!

Encounter 3-10 Standard Layout (8 tentacles, 2 slimes, tracker, use this for 5 or less players)
Encounter 3-10 Plenty o' Pretties (12 tentacles, 3 slimes, no tracker)
Encounter 3-10 Standalone Tracker (tracker only)

Lots of creatures to represent this week, so pick and choose which of the above you'll need.

And as this week's raflle winner, Zephyrinus and friends get a free template/instructions* to make crude trackers!
* (instructions and/or template may or may be not included on an individual case-by-case basis, end user waives all rights for everything forever to GMM, user agrees to terms of this agreement by reading aforementioned agreement, please send inquiries and/or complaints to one Dr. Nihal, Far Realm)

Perfect timing! I happened to forget my pogs today and was wondering what to do for the sheer number of minions today. You're a life saver! Or at least an Unleaded saver. Didn't want to drive around in this Colorado weather anyhow =)
Back to the Beginning

Alright, three options this week:

  1. Standard (standees, tracker, fire)

  2. Tracker only

  3. Premium Standard+ Diamond Edition Complete 2012 ( regular stuff & ScottyMet's awesome expanded stat block)

Stone to Flesh

Same options this time around:

  1. Standard

  2. Tracker

  3. Standard + ScottyMet's expanded stat block

Thanks again everyone for a wonderful season!
I'll see you on the other side of the Crystal Cave. 
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