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Hey guys, I have been thinking a lot about a site that could be dedicated to encounter building. I have started a couple threads over the last year to see people's homemade encounters. The issue has been that they are in the Adventure building section, which gets little traffic. I am wondering  if there is even interest in something like this. 

If there were a site, would it get used? I realize that DDI is still developping and will, at some point, have  that feature. The issues could be wether or not you can share the ideas, if there will be a standard format, how would you integrate the IP stuff if you use the DMG, as an example, for say, terrain.

If the Adventure Building section here, right in front of D&D players, doesn't recieve the traffic you'd like....
How much traffic do you think a completely different site (that even fewer will know exists) would draw?  
It's not a bad idea, itsj ust i dont know how your gonig to get more traffic in an unknown site rather then the existing one. 

With that said, I know there are several wiki's around for monsters.   A site for Encounters might be cool.  I might even participate in it.

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The point about traffic is valid. This is more brainstorming than anything else.

I would just love a place where we could have people do encounter dumps for others to use, and I know people that do not use this site for their game stuff. It's a matter of how many people would actually use it.
I would totally use it. If there were sets of maps with interesting features etc and some rules noted down that's good enough for starters. Then each could have some suggested monster blocks or something.
I was thinking about the layout mimicing the WotC encounter layout in the published adventures, save the actual maps. Going a bit retro there with a description of the place and any interesting terrain, etc used.

Below is an example from Neejix, from here.


Clocktower approx 50x50 square, stairway (5ft wide) leading up along the walls with  platforms at each corner that were  10x10.  (This was a late heroic tier  encounter....higher levels this would be easier...flight, multiple  teleports, etc)


  • Bottom level - 1-2 Large Brute (sorry don't remember specific monster).

  • 1st platform - 1 soldier

  • 2nd platform - 1 soldier and 1 skirmisher/lurker

  • 3rd platform - medusa archer


Archer  picks away at the party while the rest of  the monsters serve as  blockers and cause damage.  The monsters were  positioned to guard the  way up to the next level and prevent the party  from making their way up  quickly.  They were deployed to be a delaying  force while the final  encounter waited above on the next level.  The archer has light cover from ranged attacks.


The   battle was rough for the party.  No deaths but plenty of bloodied   characters and healing needed.  The large brutes needed to be kept busy   by the defender and healer which forced the other party members to   charge up the stairs and get onto the platforms to get at the monsters   without the support of those two critical party members.  All the while,  the archer is plunking away every round  hurting targets of  opportunity...and focusing on anyone making their way  up the stairs.

Worked out very well and was challenging.  Easy to tune to any party by varying the difficulty and number of defenders. 

There could be a Level selection for it, comments, likes, etc..  It's really about getting the ideas and making them your own. Hell, it could even be built with different versions of D&D, and even other RPGs in mind, each with their own format. there's nothing tying it to D&D. Just a thought.
here is a monster wiki that i participated in a while ago.

if you are interested in something like that.  I wouldnt mind helping start it.

another alternative is to create a group here on the wotc site. 

Play whatever the **** you want. Never Point a loaded party at a plot you are not willing to shoot. Arcane Rhetoric. My Blog.

I wold go to any site that is helping me build encounters in the way WotC is not.
I want to put in my party lvl and how many party members, then it gives me my budget, and a list of lvl apropriate monsters, I filter them for the themes and types I want and it narrows my search, I sellect the monsters, it tells me it the encounter is hard, regular or easy. In the moster selection terrain hazzards and traps are a type just like brute or lurker.
Then I hit print, and all my monsters show up on the right page, it randomly puts them in order after an inititive roll, and I run right from the sheet.

Now my dream would be that Wizards would do this, so they could read who my party members were (If wizards would ever let the dm connect his DDI account to that of his players so I could see their characters and they could build a party together, and I could mod their builders with house rules) and build the encounter based on my party build... so if there was no defender the monster suggestions would take that into account....

But that first paragraph is all I really need!
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Houndstooth, what you are describing is beyond the scope of what I was thinking. It's not an encounter builder, it's a place where people could go to see what others have done, and use the ideas. You have some good ideas there, and hopefully WotC sees the wants of the people, and gets something going.

In the meantime, I hope to get something online soon enough.

thanks for the input. 
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