Week 11: Schemes of Bregan D'aerthe

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To all DMs running this season of Encounters: There should be a special packet awaiting for you, at your game store where you run Encounters, that you can use to introduce a minor event -- with potential long-term implications -- into week 11's session. Look for a single sheet of white paper titled "Schemes of Bregan D'aerthe" and a pack of treasure cards. . .
Any elaboration on this? Our shop has no clue what you're referencing.

My shop received a packet from Wizards' that included the above materials and not much else. The paper explained that it was the result of the Bregan D'aerthe faction winning the big Neverwinter event at GenCon. Basically, without going too deep into spoiler territory, a Bregan D'aerthe agent offers the PCs several (5) magic items to help take-out the Lost Heir and all they want in return is a "future favor"; which has little or no effect if the characters are not continuing after this adventure. The magic items are level 4 (?) to 7(!) and each has a treasure card with the stats on one side and an illustration of the item on the other. I am running a Neverwinter campaign, after the adventure, with the same characters so some players may be reluctant to accept these "gifts" (with invisible strings attached) but, I expect, that most players will gladly scoop them up!

Interesting. Unfortunately, our shop did not get this. I wonder if there was something that had to be done to earn those rewards.
Aye, I got it last week. Little sad it wasn't the DM reward, but a player reward is always good, too. Rather like how the tied in a one-off mega event (so it seems?) to have actual ramifications, however minor, on gameplay everywhere else.

And if you don't know what's going on, now you must be really confused, haha.

Basically, Wizards sent out a little add-on for this week's session which would grant some magical items (lvl 5, 6, and 7 to lvl 2 or 3 characters!) for the impending final showdown.
Event Coordinator John had this for DM's tonight.

It worked really really well & was an awesome addition--you can see how I incorporated it into the game in the video links inside my blog report.

Copyright does not protect the idea for a game

I have to say I liked them.
We just received this stuff on Saturday, after the session it was supposed to be used for. I'm going to just do a quick flashback to handle it (I don't think that any of the offered items would have been of any significant use in the previous encounter), but it's weird that we received it so late.
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