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So in the instruction book on character creation it suggests you pick your armor (light, heavy, shield, etc) and what weapons (it suggests a melee and ranged). 

However, in the premade adventure some of the treasure you can find are things you could have taken (such as a gun or a piece of light armor).  Is this purely for RP value (which is fine) or am I missing something with item selection cause why would you ever actually 'need' other armor?

Otherwise a great game, thanks in advance for the reply.
It is kind of for roleplay value and if no one in the party decides to switch the type or weapon or armor he/she is using (for example going from a light 1H melee weapon to a heavy 1H weapon) then you can barter these items in towns for other items you may want/need.
Gottcha, that is what I figured but wanted to make sure I didn't make some mistake letting them take armor/weapons at the beginning.

On a related note, as a GM, you don't have to be constrained by the weapon stats in the book if your players have ideas that don't quite match the stats.

Something I do when running Gamma World is ask players "what are you using as a weapon?" They then describe what they want to use, and I use the weapon stats in the book as a guideline, doing my best to match up their idea with the weapon statistics and the character's primary stat.

Most of the time, they end up with straight-from-the-book weapon. No matter how you describe it, a stop sign is a two-handed heavy melee weapon, ninja throwing stars are one-handed light ranged weapons, and a Desert Eagle is a light two-handed gun. But creative players might get small bonuses. For example:

+ I have a player who wanted a flamethrower, so her character's weapon is a two-handed gun (using gasoline as ammo) that deals fire damage.

+ Another player's character was a Seismic Speedster, a humanoid creature made of quicksand. He envisioned a machine gun that would spray gravel drawn directly from his essence. Whenever he wanted to go "full-auto" with this gun, he would take damage equal to his level before each additional attack with the "sandblaster"; in exchange, he could use this gun even when he was out of ammo.

+ Another player didn't want a weapon at all, but envisioned her Photonic Mindbreaker using eye-beams like Cyclops from the X-Men. Her weapon stats are as a two-handed light ranged weapon (she must touch her temples simultaneously to focus her ki power) which deals laser damage.

Other ideas:

+ A sniper rifle might be a heavy two-handed gun that allows the character to spend a Move action (in addition to the normal Standard action) when making a Ranged Basic Attack to gain the High Crit property (from D&D) for that attack.

+ A chainsaw might be a heavy two-handed melee weapon that gains the Brutal 1 property (from D&D) as long as you have ammo (gasoline). (It can still be swung as a blunt object when the character is out of ammo.)

+ Hurled molotov cocktails might count as light one-handed ranged weapons that deal fire damage and ongoing 2 fire damage (save ends). Hurled stink bombs and spent uranium rods might work the same way, dealing poison and radiation damage respectively.

These are just a few ideas for customizing the weapon stats. It's important to remember, though, that "custom" weapons like these should be based on what the players come up with at the table - presenting them as standard options would take all the fun out of it!
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