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Hey folks

I just got back to playing magic after a break (since MM i think, Rebels was the big thing) and I just bought some cards traded a bit and ended up with this. It's for casual but I'd like it updated to be standard legal.

Okay, it already is, but its got only Shards of Alara cards in it, as I am too busy too check out all other standard sets..

do u have some suggestions regarding this decklist for me?

7x Swamp
4x Island
5x Mountain
4x Grixis Panorama
4x Crumbling Necropolis

2x Executioners Capsule
3x Courier's Capsule

3x Mana Leak (I know, not legal, what is available for 1U?)
1x Swerve
4x Agony Warp
1x Soul's Fire
2x Grixis Charm
2x Blightening
2x Infest
1x Covenant of Minds
1x Ad Nauseam
1x Cruel Ultimatum

4x Tidehollow Strix
3xKederekt Creeper
4x Sedraxis Specter
1x Caldera Hellion
1x Flameblast Dragon

I need something against Artifaxts (Hurkyls Recall maybe?), couse some players in area play the blue artifaxt deck...

well thanks for any input...
What are your goals for the deck? It seems pretty spread around at the moment.
I'd like to gain some control over the board. The crits all have deathtouch, or they have another ability (fireball, discard).
The spells I use are for control (creature control, discard and drawing power + the mana leaks, which i think will get subbed by Broken Ambitions)
And the bigger mana cards (Cruel Intentions, Dragon, Devourer) are late game kill cards.

The meta includes a lot of small elves decks, or Esper artifacts, not really high level so that why there are main-deck infests (which kill my crits too).

I like the game to be over fast, or give opponents less options (mainly with the discard and deathtouch), which gives me advantage. Life is less important, but the artifacts really gave me trouble.
Well first off, take out the Ad Nauseaum as that will kill you most of the time. As for the Mana Leak replacement, you got both Remove Soul and Negate. Given the removal, I would use Negate.

Which artifacts are bothering you? If it is creatures, you have plenty of ways of killing them. You got Agony Warp and Grixis Charm to take care of that. If it is regular artifacts in general, isn't Shatterstorm in 10th? That should handle it!

You need to get your spells into order as it does seem all over the place.

4 Cancel
3 Negate

That seems fine for countermagic.

4 Agony Warp
2 Grixis Charm
2 Executioner's Capsule
2 Infest

Looks like you got that part fine! Test around to see if Infest is really needed or would be better being some other removal like Nameless Inversion

2 Cruel Ultimatium
4 Blightning
2 Courier's Capsule

The capsules at 3 look good. Decided to up the other spells. 2 Cruel's seem to be the right number. Might as well use the full amount of Blightning so you can draw it early.

4 Sedexis Spector
4 Mulldrifter
2 Shriekmaw
1 Flameblast Dragon

Why not add in my card drawing and more removal? Mulldrifter is great both early and late. Same with Shriekmaw. And your 1-of Flameblast Dragon is a good call on your part!

Your manabase looks fine for the most part. With the changes, I would up the Islands, take out the Grixis and replace it with Vivid Creek. So go with

4 Crumbling Necropolis
4 Vivid Creek
6 Swamp
4 Mountain
6 Island

Now you have 14 blue sources, 12 red sources, and 14 black sources.

I did my best to keep it in theme and with cards you have. The only "new" cards I added were Negate, Mulldrifter, and Shriekmaw. Everything else I just changed the total of. Not too bad for your first draw =)
Keeping in theme with the cards that i have isn't that important, as long as you don't keep seggesting $20 cards

thanks for the comments.. I've been thinking about the 4 Blightnings and more counters was a yesterday evening idea.
The Ad Nauseam was just there to see what it did.. The few times i did use/draw it, it gave me some decent advantage, but i'll give a try to the counters main deck instead though i'm worried about the cancels being double Blue.

Is vivid creek really that good? not one of those lorwyn-block dual lands, can't remember the names, the dual-dual ones..

Mulldrifter/Shriekmaw, is it really that good? i know, 2 cards on stick is nice, it might just be a capsule, why would u play it? Same for Shrikmaw, mana cost seems awfully high.
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