Field Reports: Week 12 (SPOILERS)

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Exciting session this week! 
One of my players, who was moving back to Florida after the game, decided to go out with a bang and betray the party to join with Vontarin!
After the vampire and ranger characters had picked the lock while the rest of the party engaged the dark one in innane banter, the vampire threw open the door and the shocked dark one was dead before it got a chance to respond.  The Vampire, Julia, opened the inner doors as well... to be greated by Vontairn/Nathaire's speach encouraging them to give up/join in. 
Apparenlty the elven rogue of the party, Dytilia, took the speal to heart.  She stabbed the party mage and ran past everybody else, up the stairs, and offered her services to Vontairn!  (I gave the PCs she passed a DC 13 insight check to get an attack of opportunity as their earstwhile companion passed them... only the vampire made it.)  Not knowing exactly what to think, Vontarin ordered her to kneal and drop her weapon while he figured out what do do with her.  She did as he asked. 
The Wizard, pissed off unsurprisingly, charged after her into the library... only to be literally torn to pieces by a pair of dark beasts (RIP "Steve" the Tiefling Wizard).  The Ranger (Belgos the White, a LOTR reference... he already died once) managed to push the Dusk Beasts away from the door so that Donnifer the Blackguard could charge up the stairs and cut down the traitorous Dytilia from behind, unarmed, while kneeling.
The surviving party wizard (Blackwood) stepped into the foyer and managed to trap Vontarin in an illusory maze of mirrors.  Julia the vampire, meanwhile, leapt gracefully onto the top of the bookcases then lept onto the balcony... where she proceded to beat Vontarin/Nathaire to a bloody pulp with her bare hands.  Everyone was suitably impressed by the fireworks of Vontarin being re-trapped in the orb.
While Donnifer slew the Duskbeast on the balcony, Darkwood magically disguised himself as the slain darkone and somehow convince the three duskbeasts downstairs to turn on another darkone hiding amidst the bookshelves.  When the panicked darkone tried to escape he found himself surrounded by party members and surrendered, wimpering.  The Blackguard and Ranger finished off the darkbeasts (except for one that fled out the front door and into the Shadowfell. 
Julia the vampire turned her attentions to trying to heal the injured traitor, Dytilia.  She failed her heal check however, so Donnifer offered to help.  His help came in the form of lopping off the unconcious rogue's head, finishing the job he'd started by cutting her down earlier.
The party then decided to drag the captive darkone back to Duponde and let Grimbold interrogate him further.
They didn't even search the library! (Usually something they are very thorough about!)

It was a fun couple of hours, lots of laughter and joking.  Swift, enjoyable action. 

-Thad, DM @ theWizardsChest, Denver, CO

We had three tables again this week, only just, as we've lost a player or two.    This time around, our table included a Fighter, Warlord, Warpriest and two Theives (one of them, sadly, 1st level).   Most of the group had completely lost the thread of the adventure, and were just about ready to help Votarin in the hopes he could use his magic to get the town out of the Shadowfell permanently.   A little reminder that getting him back into the Tomb was the only way to do that, an unsuccessful attempt at trickery, and battle was joined, though on the upstairs portion of the library. 


- Amazingly, nobody fell over the railing.

- For the third combat in a row, the Warlord was mobbed while the Fighter got separated from the rest of the party for the first few rounds.

- Monsters go down fast when trying to mob a warlord with two Theives to help him.

- Thieves go down pretty fast, too, with no defender to keep the heat off them.

- Evil wizards don't do so well in melee.

- Dark One bolters are a pain.  There even more of a pain when they're in the rafters, and no one has effective ranged attacks.  The Bolter survived almost untouched and only made his escape out a window when all his allies were dead - in honesty, he probably could have finished the party off.

- Warlords are cool and all, but it's a good thing to have a 'Cleric.'



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