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After the Darksun Campaign we started chatting among one another...Wednesday's are the only time some of the players get to play, and even though the encounters are great fun...after the season ended your were forced to start a new character. 

What we decided to do was carry the characters through to the next season and the dungeon master distributes the experience like a campaign, this way the players can see what their classes offer at a higher level. 

So here we are in the 5th season and I have players with characters of 7 and 8th level...and they are loving it.  I just bump up the monsters stats with the rules set or the adventure builder.  I also bump up the skill challenges and magic items.

What we do when new material comes out, for example the Heroes of the Shadow, we allowed players to make a new character at the base of the majority level of the gaming groups.  So people that made, say a new vampire character, started at 6th level.

Just thought I would share with ya'll what our group does....it's been very fun and satisfying!  Also love incorporating the tweet bonuses into the story line!   

Let me know whatchya think!  Smile


It's better to burn out than fade away!
You aren't the only one to do it.  Technically it is against WotC policy but....
If you have total buy in from all players and you are not getting new blood in, its ok.  On the flip side the program is designed to try and get new blood in, so get to work on that.
All of it said, if new blood is good at the higher level stuff and isn't discouraged, GO FOR IT!  Cool
Why not just run LFR on Wednesdays if it is the day that people can get together?
Yeah, that was the WotC line at DDXP when I asked if they could create Encounters at 2 tiers of play so that experienced players could play at one table at a higher level and new players could play at level 1-3. But that would mean I'm prepping for two different games every week to be prepared to run either table instead of one game with similar monsters, just different levels, especially if the work has already been done for me in the pre-packaged module. I run 2 games a week, about to be 3 when I add Lair Assault, and frankly, I just don't want to add LFR. So, I've lost 6 experienced players because they're tired of level 1-3 (so am I frankly), but that's OK because Encounters is to bring in new blood anyway per WotC.


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