Field Reports: Week 6

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Are the field reports tapering off?

This week we were down to two tables.  One prettymuch a regular little group, at this point.  The other includes a relative newbie (returning 3.0 player) who is still hanging on, a few old hands, and two new-to-last season, for a total of 6.

This week's encounter was an interesting one, taking place in a ruined mansions. 

It started with our brash Dragonborn just striding up and pounding on the door.  We had a Binder, who managed not to suck as hard as early reports suggested, shoving some enemies out of the doorway so we could take the battle inside.  The Theif and warlord worked well together - the player's eyes positively went wide when he heard that the warlord just gave him a free attack /with/ Combat Advantage, though, of course the Warlord is 'illegal' and played only with the DM's sufferance.  Enemies included a nasty teifling roguish type and some drakes (which I remember being nastier at low level).

The opponents turned out to be bandits who had been despoiling the area for some time.  The possessed Nethair had waded through them to check out a lab in the basement.  Next stop basement.



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I've been having some RL issues keeping me away.
This week saw a table of 7 players, a bit over the max for one table, but not enough for two.  We has one regular out, but two new players to our FLGS with some previous Encounters experience show up.  The frustrating thing is they used pregens, and just burned dailies which made this encounter fairly easy.  They should have new characters next week but will be surprised when I implement my usual "joining midway" rules.

The group I run consists mainly of:
The Salamander King (aka "Sal":  Human Earth Cleric
"Fingers" the Halfling Paladin of Avandra, and servant of "Sal"
Durza: the mysterious Vampire
Barnabee:  The 1/2 or Black Paladin
Jane:  Drow Ranger (Hunter), who has amnesia

The heroes stealthily checked out the mansion and Durza had a natural 20 on his stealth check.  I gave him a rough estimate of the tiefling within as well as the drakes.  The party decided to break open the door and rush in.  Durza slammed open the door and the party all recieved a suprise round.  The battle went fairly fast with several 20's crushing the bad guys, along with the new players (Wizard Pregen and Preist Pregen) dumping their dailies to great effect.  I addes a couple of minions and a drake midway through the fight since it was scaled to '5-man normal' and we had  seven PCs level 1-2.  They burst up through the trapdoor, and the party all cried in mock terror as they faced new foes.  All in all the battle took less than 60 minutes and only the paladin was gravely hurt.
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