New 4e Adventure "Lost City" vaporware?

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I've been eagerly anticipating the release of the following 4e adventure, "Lost City" by Logan Bonner and others. This is being published as part of the Open Design project where people who pay into the fund get to vote on key plot points (and perhaps help write the adventure?). The release date for this adventure was slated to be May 2011, but there's no sign of it being released and I can't find any recent info for this project anywhere.

Does anyone know what's happening with this project? Will this adventure be published as planned or is it just vaporware?

As a patron of the project I recieved a PDF in May of this that all of the patrons proof read and gave feedback for. It was complete apart from the small errors that creep into these things as you go along. I think it has gone to print (and if it hasn't yet, it is very close to). I'll let you know when it is available.

Also from the bits I read (I didn't get time to prrof read it all) it looks very good. I cannot wait to run this for my group.
And it's released Smile

It's a rather excellent sandbox adventure for levels 14-17. The new race in it will be lots of fun to use.
Thanks for the info, I'm really excited for this one. Quick question, does this adventure in any way resemble the old "Lost City" module for 1e AD&D? That one was a favorite of mine and I'm curious as to whether or not it played a role in the development of the new one.
Hey Style75. Unfortuntely I'm not fmailiar with the old Lost City module so I couldn't tell you whether there are similarities. I don't recall it being mentioned during the design process, so if there are similarities then they aren't intentional. The new one is still a bloody good module though Smile
Bravo! I bought the PDF last night and I can tell you it is fantastic. This is a quality product that has been carefully put together. It makes me want to start a new campaign just to try it out. I give this module my highest recommendation. It takes all the good features of 4e and merges them with solid adventure design. Lots of story, great NPC's, new monsters, skill challenges, the works. Anyone who likes 4e and prebuilt sandbox style campaigns will love it.
I ran the entire adventure in Xen'Drik, with 6 players and they had a blast. It does share some elements of the old "lost city" such as a desert environment and a city beneath the sands, but the comparison ends there, as it brings in some unique design elements and encounters. I hope you enjoy it.
If you're looking for more teasers, I did the maps for this and I posted a few of them on my blog.
Lost City Map Previews

Inevitably that contains a hint of spoilers, so if you're a player, best to wait until you can explore the locaitons with a DM, but if you're a DM interested in running the game, hopefully that will give you a flavour of the locations in the adventure. I've got my artist's copy of the adventure, and the writing is top notch. Highly recommended.
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