Field Reports: Week 3

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I wasn't really paying attention today (had one full 6 player table so I was talking to someone else while the players where playing) but everybody stayed up during the fight and they had the +2 to hit from succeeding at the skill challenge. The Warpriest really wanted the Shadow Bolter killed. Fun  was had by all.

The skill challenge was a tad boring - it's easy to blame the DM, but I don't see how he could have jazzed it up much, and it didn't seem to accomplish anything.

We have a couple of 4e characters (a bravura warlord and greatweapon fighter), a warpriest, a Thief, and a Cavalier.   The 4e characters were played by experiened players, the E-classes by relative newbies (just new to 4e in one case). 

The Shadow bolter got clean away, but we made short work of the shadowy drakes, with the warlord and fighter pulling some double-team tricks.  The Theif ran into a little trouble since the drakes were unflankable and he didn't happen to have Tactical or Ambush Trick.  When a drake fell for the Warlord's Brash Strike, though, the BA with CA went to the Theif with excellent results.



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Sorry for the late report once again.

We ran Encounters 3 in "Devir Arena Porto" , Portugal , with the biggest attendance yet , 21 players and 4 DM , in tables of 6 ,5 ,5 ,5.
One of the tables were all new players to the Encounters event , and unexperienced players in D&D.
My table was of 6 players , and the continued their chase of Remy. The skill challenge was a bit weak , so i added some stuff in to complement it and added a new map for the players ( I thought it stupid to play in the same map of the previous encounter). And i used the despair deck ( 2 PC are now with them).
The group used their cunning, and skill success, to approach the camp , and used that to make Remy surrender , and after an awesome first round where they killed almost every enemy , they managed to make the last 2 bandits surrender ( and killed one of them for being badly hurt and slowing them down on the way back). Victorious , the return with their 2 prisioners and Nathaire Journal. Good for the players.
The other groups were all playing in the city , and I know that they had a pretty tough time in the combat. Result of 15 PC´s : 3 dead , 4 unconscious.

That´s it for this time.
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