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My report:

I had a blast this week.


I gave both groups an opportunity to hit up a basic supply store before the boy found them having lunch in the inn. Both groups followed the boy immediately to grandmothers house. I have fun with the voices so grandma sounded like a cranky old lady in a Monty Python sketch. I had a blast with the fortunes making stuff about impending doom and flashes of steel and blood. I only had players roll low in the first group. The second group had two natural 20s.

I ran two tables at Warp 1 in Edmonton, Alberta. The twitter buff at the time was if they killed an enemy in the garden they get a renown. The bad guys went first in the round with high initiatives and blocked up the front door, which all the players were inside. The healer of the group ran out the back door and into the far corner of the garden. After a round the main group was able to push their way out the front door but the healer had been pounced by two wolves. The rouge jumped out a window and ran to help the healer. In the end the two wolves were killed in the garden and the other two wolves and werewolf were taken out. Both the Blackguard and the Knight both made their saves vs. infection. 

This group had an interesting mix of Despair cards. The most memorable is that any time the Vampire gets charged or subject to forced movement he falls prone. We theorized it is due to him having an 8 con and being scared, that and this fight was in full daylight.

The second table was 7 players. The Knight yet again got the despair card giving him vulnerability 2 (last chapter he was able to overcome it, since I gave the cards the first session when they awoke in the shadowfell). This group had a ranged Slayer run out first and move back and fire off a solid hit to a wolf. Then the werewolf and half of the wolves pounced him. The druid was next and ran out to help him only to then have the fury of the remain wolves upon him. One wolf ran to block the front door. By the end of the round all the wolves were still standing and a few were hurt. Top of the second round the first two wolves knocked the druid to the ground with barely any health. The werewolf then clawed him close to his final death. Then with a mighty bite the druid was no more. As the players seemed to be struggling a bit with this fight I allowed the druid to continue playing his bear which would leave the party at the end of the encounter, but gave him a +1 att/dam bonus since it was angry. By the end of the fight no more players had died and the bear had bitten clean through two hurt wolves. The druid had fun playing the angry bear. I had 2 new players at this table (a rouge and a mage) and they both had a lot of fun. Again, all players made their save vs the Wolf disease.

Did anyone out there manage to have the disease stick?

Did anyone think it was weird that the players could get their weapons silvered, but no one has anywhere near the cash to be able to do it? I was looking at cost to buy a silvered weapon, where could I find the rules on the cost to do the silvering if that would be different?

Once again into the breach, a Dungeon Master braves the wilderlands of the public gaming table, welcoming all who come to play at 6:30pm on Wednesdays at Red Castle Games of PDX, OR.


This Wednesday we played our second belated session of D&D 4e Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard.

In the first session I had had a full table of six, and ran through the first two encounters in three hours, using all the pregenerated character cards. 

We established the scene, couriers stuck in a backwater down waiting for the river to ease its furious flood.  The players roleplayed a bit in the tavern, and then were woken up at the stroke of midnight by the town of Duponde's sudden transport to the dark dimension known as the Shadowfell.  Dark beasts were bested, and the party ventured into the street to find the town in chaos.  The captain of the guard asked for help and the heroes obliged, making the Armory safe, and battling spiders and shadows to do so. 

A wonderful time was had by all.  Three of the players were new to this iteration of D&D, but they seemed to enjoy the show.  The maps were great and I provided some hand painted miniatures.

This week I had only four players, all returns from the week before.  This is fine.  I consider four players to be the ideal number for rp games.  Once again, we played two encounters in three hours.  I finished my beer halfway through and found myself losing my voice.  The players were concerned about their survival at first, but the managed their final encounter of the chapter quite well.

They began with a quick skill challenge aimed at interacting with the town, quelling panic in the streets and guiding townsfolk to safe houses at the Armory and Chapel.  I went around the table and had them describe their actions, then went round again and had them roll the dice for whatever skill I considered relevant.  They achieved four successes in a row and rolled into an encounter with two headed shadow beasts, with a plan, and great coincidence.  Even so the monsters managed to put the hurt on the party a bit, though they prevailed in the end.  I brought the monsters out in waves, which helped a bit. 

I made two mistakes.  In both fights I rolled well for initiative and attacked immediately.  This had the effect of bunching the battle into a small area and did not encourage much tactical movement.  I need to wait a bit and use artillery first. 

The second encounter was in the graveyard, a classic encounter full of undead.  The heroes were able to destroy the undead and then retreated to the Old Owl at daybreak to recuperate as the sun rose and the town of Duponde faded back into the mortal world.   The players are now at level 2 and I will need to provide characters next session, for my players do not seem to own any Essentials book.

If we keep to this playing pace, we will catch up to the season's regular schedule by playing two encounters next week as well.  After that we can go back to single encounter sessions.  So far the players have been very enthusiastic.  I am pleased.
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Once again, the 'luck of the draw' left us with an odd table.  We had our old-timers with the Bravura and the Fighter, the Warpriest was back, and we picked up a second warpriest in the shuffle, and a new 4e Paladin (player returning to D&D after last playing AD&D - not sure how he managed to dig up a vintage off-line CB character, but that's what he had).

So, three leaders, two defenders - vs a werewolf and a pack of wolves.  Predictably, the fight was a minor fiasco, but never a very dangerous one.  With the Greatweapon fighter as the only creadible damage-dealer, it took a while to grind down the bad guys, but with all that healing available, the only character to be dropped was the Dragonborn who turned down healing 3 rounds in a row fishing for his 'Fury' bonus - and was dropped by a follow-up attack the instant he was bloodied.  Not a great session - though the table this time around was pretty friendly and the jokes were flying, so the evening wasn't a total loss.



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