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Can anyone suggest a good mini for the final encounter?  I can't seem to find anything that really fits the bill.
The closest thing I have in my inventory is a dracolich.

I have been using tokens primarily in my Encounters but I like to hang artwork over my DM Screen to help the players visualize the creatures represented by the token.  

Here's the Earthquake Dragon from the MM3 artwork:

Im going with the Young Volcanic Dragon

The Volcanic Dragon looks great, but as I only have the dragolich, I think that will be the direction I go as well.  Thanks for the replies.
Really, you should be happy with whatever dragon mini you have. I would have liked to use the volcanic dragon too, but I don't own it.

Instead, I'll be using the Gray Dragon.
I'll probably end up using one of the figs from Wrath of Ashardalon/Castle Ravenloft.

So either a Zombie Dragon or Rage Drake, if I want large size, or Ashardalon himself if I want to bump the dragon to huge size (I don't know if map size can handle that) 

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Im going with the Young Volcanic Dragon

Also using the volcanic dragon.
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