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Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 10 of D&D Encounters Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade.

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Had a blast at the Game Matrix. Back to back crits on Zombies made the encounter relatively easy for the group. 3 new players!
Had five players this week.  The monsters got the jump on the party and I think that caused the downfall.  TPK for me.  I think as a DM i never missed and had two crits.  Balancing out last weeks no misses and five crits from players.   I renamed the skeleton "Skeletor" and let him laugh manically at the end.  Just dice.
Our session was dramatic.  It started with the Mage throwing light into one of the corners where the undead were hiding, so no surprise.  The ghouls won initiative and ripped our Paladin to pieces (49 hps in one round).  The Mage panicked and pushed them back with Buiguiling Strands (critting one zombie), then popped his AP to drop Phantom Chasm, knocking virtually the whole slate of monsters prone.  Our Hexblade manuevered around to melee the Blazing Skelleton, and our ("illegal," I guess) Rogue used Positioning Strike to slide the last straggler into the Chasm, and everyone piled on.  With the Mage and Hunter raining destruction on the grouped monsters, and everyone else gathered around whittling away at them, it went fast from there, including the second zombie also popping to a crit.   



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The group I ran had seven players but I only upped one additional blazing skeleton. The paladin got to go first and charged the ghoul. He got a light hit in but then both ghouls went. First one immobilized, second one stunned (I needed a 15 to hit on each attack but rolled well.) The zombies went soon after dropping the paladin but not dead - I don't like to TPK- so the other one attacked the rogue bloodying him with one hit and dazing. It continued to daze him for the whole encounter as it chomped and chomped on him. The funny moment is that our warlock attacked the skeleton and action pointed. He first attacked with necrotic damage so 10 less damage. He then told everyone "okay I action point and will use this necrotic and fire attack since it can't have both resistances." Huh. It is a blazing (fire) skeleton so again resist 10. The cleric never attacked either ghoul so no one benefited from its vulnerability. It was a fun encounter overall. Next week I include some puzzles from LFR adventures to go into the bedroom (adding a door they must get through.) I will do this to add more than just yet another undead fight.
Dumb question - Where do you get LFR adventure puzzles from?
Dumb question - Where do you get LFR adventure puzzles from?


There are a number of adventures there that have puzzles. The one I will use is for levels 1-4. MINI1-2 is my choice now.
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