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I was just wondering if anything much about Session 5 had been released yet?

Oh and just to get a head start on this, Session 5 needs its own thread.
Season 5?

I haven't heard anything yet.  Might be something shadowy to suit the release of the upcoming books. 
This release says it's the fourth season, but it is the fifth.

Wizards Play Network – D&D Encounters

Dark Legacy of Evard May 11, 2011 – August 3, 2011

 Sanctioning: March 17, 2011 – June 1, 2011


Take a walk on the dark side

In this, our fourth exciting season of play, the heroes will head to the beleaguered town of Duponde and attempt to free it from the sinister clutches of the forces of shadow and darkness. They’ll get into the action quickly by creating a 1st-level

D&D character using the D&D Essentialsor Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadowrules options, or grab a pre-generated character provided in the kit.

Get ready to experience the deadly secrets of the master of shadow magic in the

Dark Legacy of Evard!



SHADOWS LOOM: This season features the Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow, Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond, and the D&D Essentialsrules options, as well as Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards. D&D Fortune Cards are a new gameplay enhancement sold in booster packs, designed to replicate the chaos and unpredictability of battle. The first set, Shadow over Nentir Vale, is already available and will be legal for use in this season. o Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow releases April 19th – giving players plenty of time to choose their options!


DMs can enhance their play experience at the table by integrating the Despair Deck, found in the new Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond boxed set releasing May 17th

EASY TO JOIN: D&D Encounters is designed for players of all levels of experience. Players use only a small number of rulebooks, which means that lapsed players and DMs won’t need to worry about a huge range of rules options at the table.

One session equals one encounter each week – total play time of 1-2 hours, perfect to fit in after school or work with the mini-campaign offers an ongoing, compelling narrative to keep players coming back each Wednesday.

EASY TO PLAY: Players just show up, create their own 1st-level character using the D&D Essentials rules, Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow, or they can use one of the pre-generated characters provided in the kit. o

Encourage players to pick up a couple of packs of D&D Fortune Cards each week to enhance their play options.


Players earn exclusive promo D&D Fortune Cards for participating.


Everything a DM needs is provided in the kit with minimal prep time in-between sessions needed. DMs earn rewards just for running game sessions


Play: May 11, 2011 – August 3, 2011

- Rico
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