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Had a couple of questions about this week's sessions:

1. Who (or what) is the Lady of Gold that Salazar Vladistone is demanding to have handed over to him?

2. The insubstantial traits for both monster stat blocks have a significant alteration from the typical insubstantial trait. This being that being hit with force or radiant damage does full damage (as opposed to just force) and removes the trait for a turn. I'm fine with this weakness to radiant, as the spirits are undead, but force damage removing the trait entrely for a turn struck me as odd, inconsistent with previous monsters, and potentialy too large an advantage for the PCs if they have a couple fo wizards with magic missle in the party (not to mention a real fun killer for those wizards once the party realizes this and has them do nothing other than cast magic missile for the entire encounter). Any other DMs considering altering this when they run the encounter?

1) High Master Marsinda Goldspinner - High Master  of hammerfast and the leader of the Trade Guild - Marsinda's hair is snow white , and she dresses in regal purple and sports a small fortune in jewelry. Her many admirers refer to her as the Lady of Gold; her enemies sarcastically refer to her as the Queen.   See Hammerfast Supplement.

2) As to altering the encounter - change it to suit your group - Im running a week ahead and I changed it to suit my group and they found it a tough fight and close call, they loved it.
I ran it as is but chose to make one of the dwarves a more defensive one with a much higher armor class to balance. I kept the vulnerability and told the players that it was there because the ghosts wanted to help the party put them back to rest and/or give them their free will back. It took them a while to understand the vulnerability. The cleric went nearly last in the initiative order so the group was surprised to see that it caused what it did. When the warlock finally got around to using his only force power (remembered from previous ghost fights that showed they did more damage) it was already round 4. They finished the fight two rounds later. I found the extra dice of damage laid out by the enemies to be pretty intense. The dwarves all charged round 1 early and bloodied two players and took out the druid's wolf immediately.

As a final thought I was totally wrong about this encounter. I thought it would fly by like the very weak stirge battle. Instead it took almost two hours to run. My players enjoyed it and welcome the opportunity to finally learn how to end Vlad's reign of terror next week.
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