Fargo Add-in : KFC Kolonel's Fricasee Chicken

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The big antagonist behind the scenes who is the client for the chicken farm is the Kolonel.  One of the player characters, named R.J. Fowl (for Red Jungle Fowl) is a Giant Chickenoid (very similar to a Hawkoid).  RJ sees the Kolonel as the root cause of the evil genetic experiments that have been done to himself and his fowl kin.  The day of reconing is coming.  RJ found an invoice with the following image on it and now his enemy has a face.

KFC - Kolonel's Fricasee Chicken

(FYI, there are subtle changes if you compare this picture to the stock advertisement image)
Next up will be the miniature conversion for the Kolonel.

Here is the before image.

I started with the Heroclix Kingpin figure.

More to come soon.
Added the Kolonel's mustache and beard.  I added a bowtie after this picture was taken.  Next step will show some painting.

I like where this is heading.
Kolonel Progress shot

Now some progress shots for the Giant Mutant Chicken customized conversion.  I started with a Gormiti owl dude that I bought on sale at Toys R Us this weekend.

Kolonel Progress shot

That is awesome! Hahahaha. Laughing

I should have totally done that for my Big Chicken encounter.

I've seen those Gormiti figures on sale and was tempted to pick a few of them up. That's a good idea for that owl-dude.

I was really hoping that someone out there had some Foghorn Leghorn plastic figurines, because the Gallus-Gallus drawing in the rulebook immediately made me think of him!
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