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Use this thread to discuss your experiences with week 8 of D&D Encounters Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade.

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Please realize that both players and DMs read these threads, so do not put spoilers in your posts. If your post goes into enough details, then you absolutely must use spoilers. Enclose the spoilery bit in [*sblock=spoiler stuff][*/sblock]  (just remove the *) spoiler block tags so that players who haven't played yet don't have the surprise ruined for them. 

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Alternate Realities Games & Entertainment (Wichita, KS)

We had 3 full tables this week and even were short 2 of the regulars. It is almost time to split into 4 tables if everyone continues to return.

My table had 6 players tonight:

Elf Hunter
Human Mage
Drow Slayer
Drow Hexblade (Lady of the White Well)
Dwarf Knight
Halfling Sentinel Druid (Spring)


We came upon the Undead Knight threatening Feldyra in the graveyard. We listened to his tirade and exchanged some pleasantries, mostly dealing with the Raven Queen taking him and his wife to her realm. At which point he knocked Feldyra unconscious and summoned his friends

It was the Undead Knight and 5 Templars vs our rag tag band of adventurers. The combat was pretty uneventful and we only had 2 people go unconscious this week compared to the TPK last week. The Hexblade did some great damage with his Eldritch Bolt and the rest of us just pummeled the Templars trying to focus fire as much as possible. The Mage used Arc Lightning to good use throughout the combat. Once we got some of our bad rolls out of the way (we rolled a ton of 2's on damage and to hit dice it was crazy) we finally finished all 6 of the bad guys off.
We had 2 tables again this week at The Game Depot in Tempe, Arizona.

The other table was a little short this week with only 4 players, while my own table picked up a new player (his first time ever playing DND) for a total of 5.

Brandis – Human Cavalier
Valenae – Eladrin Warpriest
Nyla – Elf Slayer
Viera – Elf Thief
Quinn – Human Knight

spoilerey stuff

With 3 fighter types and no force damage, I settled in for a long slugfest.

 The group spotted Vladistone threatening Faldyra in the graveyard. The Thief and the Warpriest decided to sneak around the building and come around the other side to try and save Faldyra. The Paladin led the other two into the open and tried Diplomacy to talk Vladistone down. The talks produced some good information but Vladistone refused to yield. He knocked Faldyra unconscious and the fight was on.

The Phantoms rolled poor init and went last. The Thief and Warpriest made some good stealth checks and dragged Faldyra to safety while the 3 Templars and Vlad engaged the fighters.

 The half damage thing took its toll and the fight turned into a good old fashioned slobberknocker with everyone bunched up near the graveyard (not to mention all the Slowed and Dazed effects as well).

 At one point, the Thief used Backstab on Vlad (+3d6 to dmg) and rolled 3 ones! The Warpriest got Faldyra back on her feet and into the fight, and her magic missiles (yay Force damage!) helped out a bit.

In the end, they managed to wear the phantoms down and took them all out, Vlad being the last one standing. The player of the Knight, at his first game, got the last blow on Vlad. The slayer took the most damage (down to 3 HP left) but no one went down.

Vlad reformed and promised more vengeance would be forthcoming.

The Slayer made enough xp for level 2 at the chapter break, joining my other 3 regulars at level 2. Looking forward to Chapter 3!

Had 2 full + tables.

At my table, the PCs basically challenged Vladi to a trial by combat for Faldyra's freedom. Was a lot of effects slung by team monster but with two sources of force damage and a lot of high damage PCs, they eventually won out. 4 PCs were bloodied in the course of the battle though.
Generation X in Texas

I had 7 players at the table last night.  It ended in a TPK for the bad guys. 
      The group I run at Ashland Fun and Games in northern Wisconsin had a down week in terms of participants. I only ran 6 players. The previous week I had doubled up the sessions and ran parts 1 and 2 with 9 players. The small maps didn't help the numbers at all. For this week I bumped up the challenge by utilizing the fact that the town was on fire. I had the tree near the cemetery as a fire hazard: 7 damage to enter it and 7 at start of turn AND 5 ongoing fire damage to boot. This made the pushy undead much more effective since their damage was nothing to be taken seriously. The party had to really utilize the saves from the cleric to negate the ongoing damage.
      To make matters worse I threw in another monster foreshadowed earlier during the previous session. Between chapters I had asked the players to decide what they were doing with their lives. Some decided to build an escape tunnel so I went with it. The skill challenge was made easier by utilizing it. While navigating the tunnel I told them after a perception check that there were noises coming from beyond the walls. They thought it was an earthquake or something. Nope. Early in the battle with Vladistone I had a zombie bullette pop out of the ground and charge. I based it off of the zombie brute but I rolled a 2. By the end of the next round the hexblade had hit it for 35 and action pointed for 30 more to take it out nearly out of play. It was memorable for the players because some remembered the foreshadowing but didn't affect the combat much.
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