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I am going to run a Dark Sun Campaign as there seems to be interest in the campaign setting. I am an old school Dark Sun fan from back in 1991 when they launched the world.

Role-playing will be a major component of the game as will plot. This is not just going to be a set of combat encounters you move through.

If you want to play, please post below and let me know what timezone you are in and when might be good for you. I am on CST.

I will post more in this starter area once I flesh out the details and make a game trailer video.

Till then.

East coast person here.  I am flexible with times.

Edit: I don't do early mornings.
CST time zone here, im pretty flexable too, saterdays are good for me too
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I'm definitely interested in a serious Dark Sun game.  I'm on PST.
Cool. There is one other player in the first thread for the other campaign that wants to play as well. So, that is 4. One more should do it. So far we're all in America as well, the time should work out.
PST but I work 3rd shift so I am pretty flexable as long as we end on time.

very interested in a RP dark sun game. really starting to love the setting.
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anymore thought on this?  perhaps a paragon campaign (so we can get away from the "level 1" that everyone seems to want to start at and play hehe) seems we are all experienced players (thus far) and i would definatly like a different experience other then level 1.  just lemme know who,what,where,where and why and ill try to be there for sure
The wind blew, the $817 flew, and in walked Crusifix
I have been in  a lot of games in 3.5 but I am new to 4th.  I use to DM a lot so I have lots of ideas for characters and stories.  I haven't play any Dark Sun back in the day so the setting is still a little of a mystery.  The one thing i do remember about dark sun is that it was a brutal setting.  I think back in 2nd it was asked to make like 3 characters at 3rd lv because of high death rates.
I'd be interested in a Dark Sun Paragon game. I'm free pretty much all nights except Fridays through Sundays, and i'm in CST.

Paragon is fine, I was going to make the campaign "epic" in terms of scope and narrative, not epic as in epic levels.

Let me figure out what the story will (loosely) be and post what races and such are allowable and when I plan to start.

Let me know if you folks have any other requests. 
Corey, I was the "guy in the other thread" that mentioned playing, and would still be interested.  My only issue is work during the week, so if the majority of the party, especially you, want a week day campaign I have to bow out.  But, if you run weekends, I'd love to play still.  I'll spin up something of any level--paragon would be different for sure.

cool..ide love to do a paragon path campaign, i have a ton of builds i want to try out, hope i match up with one of them as far as race and class go. lol..thanks corey
The wind blew, the $817 flew, and in walked Crusifix
Pending Day/Time, i have some interesting character concepts to try out in Dark Sun as well

I am available to play Tues eve-Fri if if you need another player.
I haven't seen any games scheduled on Thursday evenings.  I would love to do something that day and am available from 6pm Central to about 11.
I can't do Thursday's right now, I have class that night.

Right now, Wednesday, Friday or Saturdays look the best.

I'll post the trailer soon and we can get started on characters once we finalize a day. 
I'm good for Wensdays or Fridays. I'm in another game on Saturdays though.
Wednesday sounds pretty good to me.  Currently I've got a floating day off sometime between Tues-Thurs that I can lock down when I need to.  Additionally, I can play any evening but Friday on the week day starting from around 17:30 PST (GMT-8) I work Saturday during the day and I've got a Saturday night game starting at 21:30.  My Sundays are booked pretty thorougly with an afternoon game at 13:30 and my weekly table top game starting at around 18:00.

Reading that back to myself makes me want a spreadsheet. Cool
wednesday is super bad for me. I run encounters and it takes up a hefty chunck of my day

Tuesday is probably my best day
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I need a spreadsheet too in order to sort out all these dates.

I need to look at my schedule for the next quarter and see if Wednesdays work. 
That there is pretty awesome.
Awesome. Let me look at this and post back. Tuesdays may work for me in about two weeks. Otherwise, Fridays look pretty good.
Nice tool, the spreadsheet.  I have updated my data.

Now I need to do that everytime I start a group.. thanks for giving me more work just to get started =P
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Somebody will have to make a spreadsheet calculator (maybe with time blocks too) that can chew on the data and spit out the most optimal day/time for the group and pass it around the forums.
Now I need to do that everytime I start a group.. thanks for giving me more work just to get started =P


Its easy, set it up with the index and your stuff, make it editable, and have them edit in the times they are avaliable and maybe a link to their character on iplay4e or orokos. 

It makes itself.
OK, I want to get started, most likely when the VT comes back online after the "dark" period. That'll give me time to flesh out the narrative and for you all to make PCs. I'll finalize a day this week.
Did you decide if we were going ahead at paragon level?
Oh,yes. Level 11 is where I want to start.
I'm going old school. As such, you may play the following races:

Half Giant (Goliath)

I'll look at classes on a case-by-case basis so, let me know what class you'd like to play. 
I thought you might say that.  I've been trying to read up on 2e Dark Sun.  What about Aarakocra? Cool I was thinking about barbarian or battlemind.  Or maybe an ardent.
I almost included Aarakocra above. yes, they are fine to play as well. Those three classes are also cool by me.

If anyone asks to play a drow ranger though, freakin' TPK, man. 
I've got no idea what I want to play anymore.  The Dark Sun races are all different enough from their baseline D&D/fantasy expectations that I can think of ideas for each of them.  I guess it's a good thing we've got some VT down time to narrow it down.
YOu should play a Mul Sweater-bearer who worships "The Weezer."
Corey, I'd run a Mul Fighter/Gladiator background.  My only concern is what night you want to run it.  Let me know if I've still got a seat at the table.
I was thinking about a Thri-Kreen either monk or ranger (TWF).
I was thinking about a Thri-Kreen either monk or ranger (TWF).

Very good, Grasshopper.
Jax, right now it's looking like Tuesday or Thursday right now, alas. We'll see though. Still have a week or so of blackout, right?

I'll be available on Tuesday nights for sure. Thursdays will soon become available for me. 
Hurray. We are back.
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