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This is my initial Gamma World campaign. I am making some changes here and there, but this is complete.

You might find something useful you can loot.

It is set in New Mexico and the environs. The party is part of a traveling mutant circus ala Carnivale. It was designed as a sandbox campaign. There are links between adventures, but the party may follow whatever they wish.

I have everything mapped, but it is all in Map Tool files. These do not "blow up" to a very good print quality though I did print some anyway. If someone wants the Map Tool files, and if I can host them on somewhere, let me know. Otherwise, I made Ye Olde Map Maker maps for each adventure, but there isn't a very good way to access those. If there is interest, I'll try to work something out. I am not tech savvy.

I broke it down by type.

This is the campaign "Gamma Report" I gave the players before the campaign started. 

Gamma Report

These are the two introduction movies I showed them for two sessions.

Movie 1

Movie 2

This is the campaign map of NuMex. It covers parts of Arizona, Utah and Mexico as well.

Campaign Map 

These are the locations in detail, or, the "adventures" if you will.

Badder Ambush

Albuqerque Starport

Epsilon Station 

(These are adaptations from the original mini-module. Some of content is from that module, some is mine. I didn't use the shuttle as a combat encounter area, for example.) 

Little Diablo (An Old West Theme Park ruled by a cyborg) 

Mines of El Diablo (outside of Little Diablo, the mines are being run by a Vegaz lounge-singiing robot)

Temple of Ishtar

Sewers of Ishtar 

None of this was designed for public consumption as such, so, if you have any questions ask me and I'll try and tell you what I really meant.
some of the Docs are saying i dont have permission to view them... but the space ports look coool.
Hmm. Let me fix those.

OK, try now. Hopefully they will work. 
I am getting this message when trying to open the first item "Gamma report".

Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing or you don't have permission to view the document.

all the others open just fine.

Cool stuffby the way.

many thanks.
Gamma Report link seems to be working now. Glad you like them.
This stuff looks awesome! I especially like the videos and the Gamma Report idea- really helps to give the players a feel for the environment
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This stuff looks awesome! I especially like the videos and the Gamma Report idea- really helps to give the players a feel for the environment

I try.
This is great stuff, thank you.
This is great stuff, thank you.

Thank, you.

Uh...what can I say but......awesome?!

I totally had an idea of aping the West World movie but yah beat me to it. Though if memory serves me correctly there were other themed worlds which could be a fun way to bring in D&D fantasy characters into the game.

Really good background and planning. Thanks for sharing!
There was Future World too. I think that one had robot presidents or some such.

I still have to figure out how to adapt Zardoz to Gamma World.

AAAAH that red tight outfit is burning my eyes!!  Though having Zardoz actually featured in GW would be epic.  I hope you make that a reality.
Wow! I love what I've read so far. I can tell that you've put a ton of effort into this adventure and it shows!

I have a quick question - I haven't GM'd in about 25 years and I am going to be running Gamma World for my 13 year old son and a couple of his friends. How do you think that this adventure will be for a bunch of newbs to GW?

Once again, thanks for posting this awesome looking adventure... 
Thanks. I think you're fine with new players. Just remember Gamma World was always a deadly game. I ran some of this adventure recently and it went well. I don't remember if I linked to the little intro movie I amde. Let me look. If you scroll down here on the YouTube page, you'll see tow Gamma World videos.

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