"The mighty Quinn leaps onto the table ..."

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As he charges towards the evil Benwick, and the near-death Lord Drysdale, he grabs a piece of chicken in his free hand

He leaps from the end of the table, landing in the face of the evil friar, and Hammer-handing him straight back into the fireplace at the end of the hall, moving in close to prevent escape.

Benwick screams, but has no choice other than to run out and around Quinn, to escape the fire, while Quinn continues to beat him about the head and body.

Yeah.  Knights are awesome.
Sounds like a Moment of Greatness to me. Cool
- Rico
Either I was playing with you last night (Rainy Day Games) or that was a very popular thing for Quinn to do.

And yes, it was a moment of greatness. 
Yes, that was me DMing at Rainy Day Games.
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