"Yulbraxis the dragon proved to be a ferocious foe"

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Is anyone else feeling like these combats aren't challenging?  We're on the second-to-last session of the season, and there were a total of four healing surges spent.  In our entire group.

I understand they don't want to overload the players, since there are effectively four combats in a row with no extended rest between them.  But unless the final combat is a monster, this finale feels an awful lot like a cakewalk.
I had to hold back or I think Yulbraxis would have eliminated the whole party on Turn 1.

+11 Initiative and I rolled 18 meant Yulbraxis went first, twice.

Charge and bite the lead hero with the free attack.  Then, recharge breath weapon and breathe down the alleyway.  I score 3 critical hits!  Fortunately, I didn't hit the hero I'd bitten or he would have been dead.
I could have taken an an action point to claw two heroes, if I'd wanted to be mean.  That would probably have taken out two heroes, but I held back.

The first hero missed, so Tail swipe, he's down.  The second hero hits, that's 5 acid damage. I ruled the acid splash only hit the attacking player, so I didn't kill the other heroes that were adjacent.

I used the Warriors and Magi to eliminate all the guards, but after that, they could just sit back and focus fire on the heroes.  

I recharged Shroud of Gloom on Turn 2, and the heroes were all within Burst 5, so Action point and now most of the heroes have -2 to hit and Vulnerable Acid:5.

Fortunately, my dice cooled down after that.

I imagine Yulbraxis went first a lot, and 1/3 of the time he got to breathe acid down the alleyway where all the heroes were clumped up.  You box those heroes in and then start raining javelins and Poison Rain, and things could go really badly for them. 
This is a players perspective, so i cant say for sure if our DM held back a little bit or not. With that said...

Our DM rolled a nat 20 on the dragons init, and went on to hit everyone but the wizard(who used shield to escape the hit by 1) with the dragons breath. My halfling hexblade burned second chance and the reroll was a crit(DM showed us). DM decided not to action point first round, and instead stood outside our reach so as to force AoOs should we try to manuever arround the dragon. The two of us tied at init 25 got to go next(thief climbed a roof and tried to... im not sure what he was trying to do, i went invis and action pointed to hit twice for over 50 points of damage). The warrior guys went next and mostly missed except for 1 hit on the wizard. Paladin moved up to the dragon with his aura and hit it for like 15 damage(the acid splash of which dropped my hexblade to 0 hp), followed by the druid who used his daily heal on me, and managed to miss one of the magi guys who hadnt gone yet with his bear. The magi bad guys went next(the provoked AoO from the bear missed), and the entire group except the thief on the roof was still within the burst 2 poison rain attack - which both used on all of us. Everyone was hit once or twice, this dropping the mage who hadnt gone yet to -10 hp - luckily he was the only guy who didnt have the ongoing 5 acid). Scout went next, charged... and missed - tail swipe. Unconcious mage fails his death save, and now its the dragons turn again.

Claws drop the druid to -11, and almost drop the paladin on the action point followup. So before any of us got to go in round 2, our one healer was dying, his daily power was used, mage didnt even get a turn, i was dropped to 0 and healed back up, and the paladin had taken a serious beating. Luckily we rolled well with our guards throughout the fight - none of the warriors got a second attack, and the guards also managed to finish the magi by the end of round 2. Second round went more in our favor. Thief on the roof killed a magi(using an action point), i got another 15 damage on the dragon before moving out of acid splash range. First we got the druid back on his feet, and then the paladin in turn got the mage back on his(gave him a moment of greatness for selflessly healing his friend without regard to himself - very paladinish). Scout managed a hit on the dragon(action point spent) with the resulting acid splash knocking him unconcious. And finally the mage ended it with his daily fountain of flame(a questionable decision since we'd already done SO much to the dragon, but it was the first action he got to take in over an hour, so its a little hard to blame him - plus the dragon was next so if he HADNT finished it off we'd certainly have lost SOMEONE, and possibly multiple people since im assuming the dragon still had a second action point for being a solo).

All told, 4 near fatalities, everyone except the roof climbing thief had to use at least 2-3 surges, and every player at the table burned either an AP or a daily power. Luckily, we all have either an AP or a daily power left for next weeks conclusion. And while ive certainly had tougher fights, i would by no means classify that as a cakewalk. And i have no earthly idea what to expect from next week aside from a probable confrontation with Benwick while Lord Drysdale either looks on, or bleeds out on the ground.
We have a very melee-heavy party (which is to be expected from Essentials classes), and we're not super-optimized, but we're solid. We run good tactics, and play well together.

The various lizardfolk were mostly just an annoyance, and we had one of our two Knights running around with our Hexblade murdering all the scaly jerks as they arrived (with our Wizard tossing AoE attacks to sweep minions off the board to clear the way for the Knight / Hexblade tag-team). Yulbraxis himself got our Sun Cleric, our other (more potent) Knight, and the full attention of our Rogue.

That shroud + acid blood combo is seriously wicked, and requiring a Standard to clear off the acid vulnerability is downright nasty.

We made it through with no deaths and only a couple of folks dropping (whom I was able to pick back up right away), but we ended with Ronnick down, myself and the Thief at less than 8 HP between us, our Hexblade at about 10hp, our primary Knight was in single-digits, and our secondary Knight was a little past bloodied. In other words, it was *very* close.

We still have a few AP and a couple of Daily attacks left to go (though I had to burn CLW to pick our Knight back up after Yulbraxis crit him with a Bite), and we all have at least 2 surges remaining, so we're not bad off going into the final showdown, but if this day went to an encounter #5, we'd be at serious risk for character death. Given that, I'd say that the fight was tuned just right - which I liked,  as I've found the bulk of the season to be more on the easy side, otherwise.
The fight with Yulbraxis was just as deadly as the one with her sister. By the end of the battle, he was surrounded by dead bodies; dead as in dead, not unconscious. I had 7 or 8 players at my table, and I think 3 survived. As AFossDDI mentioned, shroud plus acid blood is just killer on everyone adjacent to the dragon.

They did much better against Benwick, having learned from the fight with Yulbraxis: they scattered as soon as they entered the chamber. 
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