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Love the work you do, -- the different echos were a big hit last session -- Kudos!!  I am sure these will go over just as well  -- Thank You Arkayden!

Also I have updated the characters to level 3 - I will post later today if no one else post theirs.

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KOTBL Level 3 Characters
Also I have updated the characters to level 3 - I will post later today if no one else post theirs.

Dark, you would be my favorite person if you would.  I'm a bit overwhelmed today and could use a shortcut.

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I created some level 3 character sheets for the pregens here for anyone who wants them!

Edit: Changed the channel divinity grouping from a bracket to arrows (was blocking a power name). Also added check boxes to encounter and daily powers.
I created some level 3 character sheets for the pregens here for anyone who wants them!

Perfect! I was hoping someone would make simple char sheets to use. Thanks!
Thanks to everyone for posting the characters they will be a huge help tonight.
Indeed.  Thanks for both the standees and the character sheets - all versions of them.
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The Encounter 5-18 Standee and HP Tracker sheet is up in my gallery now.
The quick link there is to save people from paging back in the thread for it.

I threw in a couple more guard standees for more variety if you feel you need it, since I had some space. As in Encounter 5-17, use the "Chapter 5 Minions" sheet for all your other Warrior and Guard needs. If you re-use all the minion standees used in 5-17, you just need to print off one more minion sheet to get enough to get the full encounter's worth of minion waves. Not that you would ever manage to have all of them appear without some dying off first... but you never know. If anyone even manages to play through the appearence of every single wave I think I would need to see some pics of the battlemat and hear the story.

Anyways, Encounter 5-19's standees are also partially complete at this point, so with luck it will be ready earlier than normal.

Until then, enjoy!
really like those new lizardmen pics, had fun with the wave attacks using the different standees made for a fun encounter. Thanks for all the hard work Arkayden.
Encounter 5-19 Standee and HP Tracker sheet is now done and ready for download in my gallery as usual.

Again, you'll need a "Chapter 5 Minions" sheet to supply the Warrior and Guard standees for this fight, or you can reuse the ones from the previous two fights. Again I've included a couple new guards for variety, including the always appropriate "oblivious watchman" and "token female"... No offense gals.

I really liked the picture for Yulbraxis I found. It's very appropriate for his introduction I think.

Conversely, some might think the picture for Chendera may not be the best for her introduction, but considering her ally card has her in leather armor, I think it's a pretty good compromise between the two information sources.

Anyway, as always, have fun and watch out for falling acidic blood.
Wow, thats a awesome Yulbraxis, like the new guards - great job!!
And... done. Encounter 5-20 standees and HP tracker is up and ready to go in my gallery now.

The HP tracker is formatted a bit differently than usual due to space restrictions, but still works. I tried to find another good snake picture for a variety of spitting cobras but none seemed to work out with the templates so I left well enough alone.

Included are new standees for Benwick (much more evil looking), Lord Drysdale (closest matching I could find for his description from Chapter 4, with the silver hair and mustache), and Kendon (hesitant plate armored guy with greatsword).

I hope you all enjoy the last battle of the season and have gotten good use out of these standees. Thank you again to all the people supporting me with comments, replies and suggestions. It's really helped motivate me, even if it didn't seem that way because all of my offerings have been pretty much last minute. 

Unfortunately, I don't believe I will be able to continue this tradition to the next season. I will likely be trading off on GM duty in Season 4 for a chance to play instead, so someone else will likely have to take up the torch. If someone is interested but doesn't have the know-how, I can possibly provide some step-by-step instructions on the free Paint .Net editor as well as the .pdn template files I've been using. Just send me a private message or a reply and I'll see what I can put together.

Alright, it's time to end this season with a bang. Wait... Do snake pellets bang? Hmm...
 Thanks for all the work you did during the Season Arkayden.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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Thank you for all the hard work you put into making and providing the standiees and hp tracker, it saved me a lot of work and save time running each encounter.  I for one salute you!!
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