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Hey everyone,

I've started to put together some tools for my own use, and I'm putting them up here for you'd like to use them. Note that unless specified, this stuff will be intended for DM's only. Don't spoil this stuff for yourself if you're a player - there's going to be some fun stuff going on this season and it will only get better with the more tools we have access to.

First off is a pack of maps relevant to this season's campaign.

Inside, you'll find a map for:
the Nentir Vale (with the Chaos Scar location marked on it)
the area surrounding the Chaos Scar (in which the keep isn't present as it's east of the Kings Wall)
a map of the Crossroads (a location featured in Chaos Scar adventures which may or may not see usage this season)
an image of the keep itself by CrazyRed from the D&D Doodles Blog (

Second, is an Information Index for Keep on the Borderlands which, at this time, contains all the relevant NPC's of note this season (to date), in a handy format so its easy to look up anyone you need to quickly. Also, I've included information players may learn about these NPC's if they interact with them or schmooze around town looking for gossip. All of the information is from published sources. (Notably Chapter 1 and the Dungeon Magazine 176 article 'The Keep on the Chaos Scar'.)

It's also recommended you read the aforementioned article as it really fleshes out the keep and will only add to your sessions this season.

I will update and add to this post when I have more content for you.

I hope you can make use of this stuff and I hope you and your players enjoy it. : )
I have made some tools as well and you can download them here. The pregens, treasures, quest cards and other cards to help out. at least through Encounter 1-1

To get the file in the fastest way possible
try a right-click and download link option instead. The file is large

if it is still a problem try this 

Maybe a shortened version helps

If all else fails, manually copy this one

and you should be good to go.
Here's a bunch of basic background info I put together to help players feel more like they're part of an existing world. Sources include the wikis in the Nentir Vale and Chaos Scar wizcom groups as well as the Dungeon article Keep on the Chaos Scar and the first couple pages of the Sunderpeak Temple gameday adventure. If you want to liven up your sessions with more backstory, I recommend reading those resources for lots of interesting tidbits for DMs. I've selectively chosen info that doesn't give away too much that would spoil any other adventures leaving only info a PC should know or be able to find out in a tavern or temple. References to physical products are included to help increase sales. Much thanks to WotC_Huscarl, who runs the aforementioned groups, and to all the Points of Light writers and artists. Though I haven't used any here, I highly recommend the many and varied Nentir Vale maps regularly posted at D&D Doodle.

Background Info

The Nentir Vale

Fallcrest lies near the middle of the broad borderland region known as the Nentir Vale. The vale is now mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scattered over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps litter the countryside. Bandits, wild animals, and monsters roam freely throughout the vale, threatening anyone who fares more than few miles away from one of the surviving settlements. Travel along the roads or river is usually safe—usually. But every now and then, travelers come to bad ends between towns.

The Nentir Vale is a northern land, but it sees relatively little snow—winters are windy and bitterly cold. The Nentir River is too big to freeze except for a few weeks in the coldest part of the year. Summers are cool and mild.

The “clear” parts of the map are covered in mixed terrain—large stretches of open meadowland, copses of light forest, gently rolling hills, and the occasional thicket of dense woodland and heavy undergrowth. The downs marked on the map are hilly grassland, with little tree cover. The hills are steeper and more rugged, and include light forest in the valleys and saddles between the hilltops.

Interesting locales in the Nentir Vale are described below.

click to zoom

The Chaos Scar: A wound in the ground between the Ogrefist Hills and the Witchlight Fens, this torn land is said to spew forth monsters that would surely overrun the entire Vale were it not for Restwell Keep and the other outposts along King's Wall.

Fallcrest:  Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and south, the dwarven Trade Road from the east, and the river all meet. The surrounding ridges shelter several small valleys where farmers and woodsfolk live; few are more than six or seven miles from the town. In general the people outside Fallcrest’s walls earn their living by farming or keeping livestock, and the people inside the walls are artisans, laborers, or merchants. People with no other prospects can make a hard living as porters, carrying cargo from the Lower Quays to the Upper Quays (or vice versa).

Fiveleague House: Fiveleague House is more properly known as the Fiveleague Inn. It’s a strongly built innhouse surrounded by a wooden palisade. Fiveleague House caters to travelers and merchants coming or going from Hammerfast, a day’s journey (five leagues) farther east. The proprietor is a big, bearlike human named Barton. Barton makes a good show of joviality, but he’s secretly allied with the bandits of Raven Roost and sends them word of travelers worth robbing who will be continuing west toward Fallcrest

Gardmore Abbey: The Gardbury Downs take their name from this striking ruin, a large monastery that has lain in ruins for almost one hundred fifty years. The abbey was dedicated to Bahamut and served as the base of a militant order of paladins who won great fame fighting in Nerath’s distant crusades. As the story goes, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey and take it back. Extensive dungeons lie beneath the ruins, which might still conceal the hoarded wealth of the old crusading paladins.

Hammerfast: A dwarven hold cut from the rock of a deep vale in the Dawnforge Mountains, Hammerfast is the largest and wealthiest town in the region. The Trade Road runs through the citadel gates and continues eastward beyond the Dawnforge Mountains. Hammerfast is governed by a council of masters, each the leaders of one of the town’s powerful guilds. The current High Master is the leader of the merchant guild, a dwarf named Marsinda Goldspinner. The dwarves of Hammerfast look to their own first and don’t give away anything for free, but they are honest and industrious.

Harken Forest: This large woodland stretches from the Nentir River to the mountains and extends for miles to the south. It separates the Nentir Vale from the more populous coastal towns of the south. A strong goblin keep called Daggerburg lies somewhere in the southwest reaches, not too far from Kalton Manor; the goblins sometimes raid the river-traffic moving along the Nentir, or send small parties of marauders to Harkenwold’s borders. An elf tribe known as the Woodsinger Clan roams the eastern portions of the forest. They occasionally trade with the humans of Harkenwold and keep an eye on travelers along the old King’s Road. They have a long-standing feud with the Daggerburg goblins, and the goblins keep to the western parts of the forest to avoid swift and deadly elven arrows. However, the goblins are growing more numerous and have become bolder in recent months.

Harkenwold: Half a dozen small villages lie along the upper vales of the White River. Together, they make up the Barony of Harkenwold. The people of Harkenwold are farmers, woodcutters, and woodworkers; little trade comes up or down the old King’s Road. The ruler of Harkenwold is Baron Stockmer, an elderly man who was known for his strong sword arm in his youth. It is said that he is a just and compassionate ruler.

Kalton Manor: Back in the days when Nerath was settling the Nentir Vale, minor lords in search of land to call their own established manors and holds throughout the area. Kalton Manor was one of these, a small keep raised by Lord Arrol Kalton about two hundred years ago. Lord Arrol intended to settle the lower vale of the White River, but it was not to be—monsters from the Witchlight Fens drove off the tenants Arrol had brought with him. At the end, Arrol and a handful of his servants and family lived alone in a half-finished keep slowly falling into ruin until they disappeared as well. Stories tell of hidden treasure—the old Kalton fortune—hidden in secret chambers beneath the ruined keep.

Keep on the Shadowfell: Long ago, soldiers from Nerath built a strong fortress over the Shadowfell rift to protect it. The old keep lies in ruins now, and a new generation of cultists has secretly taken up residence here. They seek to undo the magical wards sealing the Shadowfell rift and open the way for undead horrors. The keep is described in detail in the adventure H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.

Kobold Hall: Like Kalton Manor, the wreck now known locally as Kobold Hall was the estate of a minor lord who came to Nentir Vale to establish his own demesnes. Ruined during the Bloodspear War, the old castle has been abandoned for almost a century. Kobold tribes from the Cloak Wood now lurk in its depths. The short adventure in DMG1 is set in Kobold Hall.

Nenlast: This tiny human village lies at the east end of Lake Nen. The folk here make a meager living by trading smoked fish to the dwarves of Hammerfast. They also deal with the Tigerclaw barbarians of the Winterbole Forest. When the wild folk choose to trade, they come to Nenlast to barter their pelts and amber for good dwarven metalwork.

Raven Roost: This small keep stands at the southern end of the Old Hills. Once it was the seat of a small manor, but it fell into ruin long ago. Passers by avoid the ruins mostly due to superstition as on any given day, one can see scores of ravens perched along the ruined walls of the keep.

Ruins of Fastormel: Once a prosperous town on the shores of Lake Nen, Fastormel was destroyed by the Bloodspear orcs and has never been resettled. The town was ruled by a Lord Mage (the most powerful wizard in town claimed the ruler’s scepter), and the Mistborn Tower of the last Lord Mage still stands amid the ruins of the town. The tower is shrouded in a strange silver mist that never dissipates, no matter what the weather would otherwise dictate.

The Stonemarch: A rugged land of stony hills and deep gorges cut by rushing rivers, the Stonemarch is home to tribes of dangerous humaniods and giants. Orcs, ogres, giants and trolls haunt the farther reaches of these barren lands. Fortunately for the residents of the vale, these creatures rarely venture east over the Cairngorm Peaks.

Sunderpeak Temple: Nestled in the wild Cairngorm Peaks, the temple houses those who have devoted themselves to lives of contemplation and good works. The folk of the temple include servants of many of the the good deities including Pelor, the sun god; Bahamut, the god of justice; and Melora, goddess of civilization. The faithful of Sunderpeak have come to be known as learned healers, sage advisors, and stalwart defenders of justice. Unfortunately, contact with the temple has recently broken off and those who ventured forth have not returned.

The Sword Barrow: This large burial mound stands near the middle of the Gray Downs, a desolate region. The old human hill-clans who lived in the Vale raised the barrow centuries before civilized folk settled in Fallcrest. The hill-folk are long gone, but their grim barrows remain. The Sword Barrow gained its name because scores of rusted blades of ancient design are buried around its edges, blades pointing inward; a visitor can turn up several in a few minutes of looking around. The blades seem completely ordinary, not hinting at the old warding magic that surrounds the place.

Temple of the Yellow Skulls: The ruins of an evil shrine stand in the middle of these desolate hills. Legend tells that a rakshasa prince summoned demons to this place and bound them to his service by imprisoning their vital essences in gold-plated human skulls. None of these have yet been recovered from the ruins, but the story persists. Deep caverns beneath the ruins lead all the way down to the Underdark, and from time to time dangerous monsters of the deep places emerge here and prowl the nearby lands.

Thunderspire: This striking peak is the largest of the Old Hills. Beneath Thunderspire lies the ancient minotaur city of Saruun Khel. The minotaur kingdom fell almost a hundred years before Fallcrest was established, when a struggle for succession led to a vicious civil war. In the upper halls of the minotaur city the mysterious order of wizards known as the Mages of Saruun have established a secretive stronghold; merchants passing along the Trade Road sometimes take shelter here. The labyrinth of Saruun Khel is the setting for adventure H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth.

Winterhaven: Hard under the Cairngorms at the west end of the Nentir Vale lies the remote town of Winterhaven. Like Fallcrest, Winterhaven is a small town surrounded by a few miles of farmland and pastures. Winterhaven serves as the characters’ base of operations during the adventure H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.

The Chaos Scar

The Chaos Scar is a long, wide valley carved long ago by the fall of a massive meteor. As the giant rock passed overhead, milk curdled, livestock fell over dead, and ill fortune befell all. The meteor crashed into the earth with deafening force, and red radiance lit the sky for a week. Then it vanished.

click to zoom

The meteor had carved its massive gash in a dark and wild place between points of civilization. Where once had stood a wild forest and swamp between a line of small hills was this new valley—the Chaos Scar.

Over a mile long and several hundred feet deep, the Chaos Scar is a testament to the vast power of the meteor’s impact. As it carved its path through the earth, shards and fragments of the meteor tore away until only its heart remained, embedded in an escarpment at the far end of its new home. There, it sent out its call. Over the centuries, creatures of evil spirit have been drawn to this beacon. The meteor's dark sentience spurred competition among them so that they fought with one another. The weak were killed or pushed to the edges of the meteor’s influence, while the strong and cruel rose to the top of the pecking order.

Many adventurers have entered the Chaos Scar. Few have returned. Those that do weave dark stories of monsters working in concert as never before. Others tell of monstrous creatures working against one another. Welcome to the Chaos Scar.

Restwell Keep - "The Keep on the Borderlands"

Here and there, standing on the narrow edge between civilization and the hungry dark, stand a few bastions of justice and law. Restwell Keep, so named by its current inhabitants, is one such edifice. Several miles east of King's Wall, Restwell has kept a sentinel’s post over the Chaos Scar for time out of mind. It has served as a hobgoblin warlord’s fortress, a bandit gang’s hideout, and now as an outpost of civilization where your characters can find rest and safety from a monster-infested wilderness.


Restwell Keep consists of an outer wall with an interior bisected into northern and southern ends by an inner wall, called the inner bailey and outer bailey respectively. The inner bailey is home to Lord Drysdale and his coterie of soldiers and advisers. He dwells within a small fortress, the keep’s final line of defense, nestled against the northern wall. A large, open area between the fortress and the interior wall hosts a parade ground and stables for Drysdale’s cavalry.

The outer bailey is home to the bulk of the keep’s civilian residents, most of whom settled here during the rule of the Six Blades of Fortune. Crowded with small buildings, this area hosts an inn, a tavern, a bank, and other businesses, along with private apartments for long-term visitors to the keep. A small marketplace serves the merchants and farmers who visit the keep to sell their wares, though the ever-present threat of monsters from the Chaos Scar (and the presence of the Crossroads black market business) prevents Restwell from becoming a thriving hub of commerce. Still, the locals make enough profit from adventurers and the treasures they recover from the Scar to maintain a healthy living. The folk of the keep are by no means wealthy, but neither are they destitute.

Come check out and add to the LFR Wiki, part of the Forgotten Realms Wiki.
Here is the current renown tracker Im using, based on prior contributors work, for anyone who cares to use it.

Ok, this should work (thanks Palmerkun), I edited the post so it directs you to the 4shared site.

That's a link to a file on your own computer, not the internet.
Nobody can download that.
AlexandraErin: If last season was any indication, I think Encounters is pretty much the elemental opposite of "organized" play!
No, 4shared is a file sharing service.

But anyway, the Season 3 Play Tracker is now available on the D&D Play Downloads page
Come check out and add to the LFR Wiki, part of the Forgotten Realms Wiki.
If anyone is willing to post DM Aids for chapter two I would be very, very thankful.  I simply don't have the time with a busy work schedule this week!  (Plus I don't know how to make standees.)  Thanks so much!!

Has anyone posted DM aids for the next chapter?  (2-6)  Any help appreciated.  I don't know how to make standees!!

Ask and you shall receive... eventually.

My new Encounter 2-6 standee/HP tracker image file is up in my gallery alongside 2-5:

I had to squeeze more onto the page, so it required a little more-rearranging then I planned and I'm probably pushing the margin limits of some peoples printers. Let me know if there's any issue with it and I'll try to correct it going forward.

I found another image for Kobold Quickblades, that better matches their equipment, so I substituted it in for the one Jeffan used last chapter. I also grabbed the Wild Mage robed kobold image for the Wyrmpriest, as I already used the standard Monster Manual image for another kobold last encounter and don't want to confuse my players too much. Otherwise pretty standard fare.

Fantastic.  Thank you Ark!  They look great.  For my printing, I set zoom to 50% and everything fit on one page.  Good job sir!
Ark, any chance you'd post 2-7 DM tools?
Here you are:

Sorry, but this one took a while to do. Lots of possible variations in these encounter I wanted to account for.

For example Moxulhar's automatic surrendering threshold, which you will see marked on the HP tracker with a bunch of "S" marks in the last half of the bloodied boxes. I included her full HP track in case your PCs get the urge to dragonslay, but hopefully it won't be needed.

In addition you can get a variety of creatures for a strong party this time around. The guidelines for weak or strong parties is rather vague when it comes to two monsters of the same level and "simpleness", so I included both an extra Dragonshield and Mercenary so DMs can pick their favourite... or go for overkill.

Also, the previous encounter states that kobolds that escape up the lift or stairs join this encounter. Thus the HP trackers for a Quickblade and/or Wyrmpriest as needed. You should already have the standees for these guys so I didn't bother. Similarly, a surviving tunneler likely won't last long enough to need a tracker so I left them out.

Finally, you may also notice a Slinger at the bottom that shouldn't be there. If you recall in Encounter 1-4, one of the kobolds attempts to escape to warn Dragontooth Hill. My party's escapee was a slinger and may be joining this encounter... or not, depending on how merciful I'm feeling. If you had a Dragonshield escape from that encounter you can use the 3rd included tracker for that. Otherwise, feel free to ignore the extra stats if you prefer to take it easy on your group.

Thanks a million, Ark.  Looks great!
Encounter 2-8 Standees and Trackers are up.
Grab the .png here:

I included standees for Benwick, Gordi and Sal (in right to left order of appearance), even though the module implies they are largely non-combatant and/or unlikely to move much. I figure at least one group is going to try and heal one of the NPCs for a chance at getting an extra body in the fight so might as well be prepared. Ronnik should be instantly recognizable to the PCs, as you see his back and it looks like he's running.

Finding appropriate images for NPCs is considerably harder for me than monsters so you'll have to forgive me if I copped out by taking most of the NPCs from a single image. It fit the descriptions given, more or less, and by the time I settled on it I had gone through every single one of Wizard's Art Galleries. I did some minor photoshopping to make them work as is. If anyone has suggestions for images to use, especially for NPCs, please please don't hestitate to send me a link or point me in the right direction.

Also, I got a message a while back suggesting I should put the standees flush with each other so there's less cutting envolved. I concur... less scissoring is better. Depending on your printer you may notice a tiny hair line of dark grey separating each of them, so you can have a cutting guide without having a white edge show on the standees. It might be too dark, so I might make it lighter next time around.

Let me know what you think.
Arkayden, you are single-handedly responsible for delighted gamers.  Less character prep for me, means more storyline and role-playing for my group.

Thank you for all your work on this.
Fantastic Ark.  Very appreciated by my group.  Thank you.
I agree - once again execellent work.
You have been a huge boon to my Encounters group, too.  I have a bunch of kids just getting into D&D through Encounters, and one of them loves to get the cut-outs at the end of a session so much, it makes me feel like Santa Claus at Christmas.  Maybe we can bug someone from Wizards to hook you up with something cool?

edit - no idea why is is all bold...
What makes me sad - no more compiled magazines:

Ark are you going to be making chapter three standee hp trackers? Also is anyone going to make item cards for chapter three?

I'm second from the left in the picture.

D&D Home Page - What Class Are You? - Build A Character - D&D Compendium

ok, nothing great, but these are the items Im using.

I also put notes together leading up to session 9 on one sheet, for anyone who might find it useful.

Ark are you going to be making chapter three standee hp trackers? Also is anyone going to make item cards for chapter three?

Indeed I am. In fact Encounter 3-9 is up and ready to go.
You'll find it in the usual place:

Some improvements (I hope anyway) for this time around include:

  • Sized standees. Small creatures now use 3/4 inch wide standees, and large ones use 2 inch wide standees. I have no idea how I'm going to swing huge at this point though.

  • Elimination of the whitespace border I was using on the image itself. I found it was messing with the scale of the standees, however slightly and was mainly pointless. Printing this set with a half-inch border all around margin (which is fairly standard) on a 8.5 x 11 sheet, should get you the correct sizing which is 1 inch by 5 inches per medium standee. Of course your application/printer setup may vary.

  • Statue standee/tracker. It's not a creature so you can't bloody it, and it won't move, but it has HP and defenses so I figure why not? The picture I found was near perfect, just needed less axe and more flail, which I easily copied from a warforged pic.

Please give me feeback on how these work out for you and I'll keep on fiddling. I've got a good portion of the other encounters for this chapter nearly complete, but I thought I should test the waters before commiting completely to this new format.

Also, thanks to everyone for all the comments and compliments I've received over the last few weeks. It's very much appreciated. I'm glad that I can make everyone's gaming experience a little better with my meager "photoshopping" skills.
Awesome!!, these will work great for this encounter. Kudos for all the work you are putting into these Standees.
A bit of a cross-post, but I think it is appropriate in this thread as well:

Here are some "level-up" cards similar to the ones in the Dark Sun kits I made using AFossDDI's suggestions. Sorry I'm cutting it close.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions. This is an awesome community. 
More standees and HP trackers are up in my gallery:

This update covers both Encounter 3-10 and 3-11.

I've been having difficulty finding appropriate pictures for the baddies in 3-12, considering their description and gear, so you may need to wait a while longer for that one. This is compounded by the fact that Wizards seems to have broken their Art Gallery listing page sometime in the last week. Luckily I have some backups.

Also included by request is a template png that should be suitable for making your own medium standees. It has a transparent panel so you can put this image on a new layer in whatever software tool you use and fit the creature images underneath it. Mirroring it so it appears the same on both sides is a simple matter of copy, paste and vertical flip of the underlying image. You can get small and large versions by scaling the image to 75% or 200% respectively.

As always, comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.
Excellent work, these are some of the most useful tools for a DM with limited resources and time. Your hard work is much appreciated. thanks once again.
Excellent work, these are some of the most useful tools for a DM with limited resources and time. Your hard work is much appreciated. thanks once again.

Excellent work, these are some of the most useful tools for a DM with limited resources and time. Your hard work is much appreciated. thanks once again.

Triply agreed... This saves me a lot of headaches and makes the Encounters a snap. Keep up the good work!

Encounter 3-12 is finally finished and has been uploaded to my gallery here:

I could not find any pictures I truely liked for this encounter. The dopplegangers are okay, but I could not for the life of me seem to find any decent dagger wielding acolytes, nor any cobras that were not on fire. So I settled on these, with a few minor tweaks.

The dwarf I chose for Gorn was mostly picked for the red-hair, his ring (mentioned in Dungeon #176), and the fact that it was a non-combat pose and having the previous standees for certain NPCs from 3-8 I figured it would help draw out the deception just a little longer, even when placing them out on the board.

Also, does anyone else find it really odd that the dwarf captain of the watch apparently wears hide armor? Maybe I'm too used to the stereotypical metal-clad dwarven fighter... Or maybe he just lost his chainmail gambling at the Stumbling Giant.

Thanks again to everyone who has dropped a compliment or comment about these standees. It really helps to know other people are getting good use out of something I put together for the heck of it.

Enjoy this week's encounter!
Cannot offer thanks enough to you for doing these, Arkayden.
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

And for my part, your selections were not only acceptable, but acceptably awesome. (Thanks again!) 
 Indeed excellent work Arkayden love the work you do.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

D&D Home Page - What Class Are You? - Build A Character - D&D Compendium

A very late new standee and stat tracker for Encounter 4-13 is now up in my gallery:

The adventure booklet seems to have a discrepancy between the example for weak/strong party adjustment for the encounter and what the rules say to actually do. That or else the encounter level is wrong. In any case, there are standees to go for whichever way you prefer.

I should be quicker with the next one with any luck.

Overtime to rush out a project before the holidays sucks. That is all.
another job well done
Encounter 4-14 is now up in my gallery:

There was a lot of reuse of creatures this time around, not that I'm complaining. The Magi were a pain to find a decent picture of though and I couldn't easily photoshop out the arm in the way there, so sorry for that, but I unfortunately don't have the time to try and perfect this one.

Again the choice is up to the DM to determine which lizardfolk type to use for a 6 character party, standees are provided for both.

Enjoy and happy holidays!
another great job - thank you!!
And shockingly enough... Encounter 4-15 as well is now available in my gallery for perusal. Early for once! Use the same link as all of my above posts, they all go to the same gallery.

Even more choice this time around as both the 4 PC party and 6 PC party may use one of either the brawler or spitter critters. The default shown for a weak party is my bias due to my parties melee preference and tendancy to overrun and corner artillery, thus more frontliners. As noted in the tracker you can swap out creatures to taste and there are standees enough to cover everything.

With that this should cover Encounters past the end of December and just shy of the really interesting looking dragon lair fight... Expect the update for that one near the end of the month.

Arkayden - we must have similar players.  Two of mine play hafling rogues, wreaking havoc on any and all artillery.

More brawlers it is!
Late as usual... but Encounter 4-16 is up in my profile photo gallery.

This time around I was perplexed by the lack of scalability. You can't really use the standard rules for weak or strong parties, because if you used them as written you would remove the solo or add a second one respectively. This would make the fight either non-existant or a near guarenteed TPK.

Because of this I'm going to assume that the appropriate thing to do is to either remove the minions or add a second batch respectively for weak and strong parties. The alternative would be to buff the dragon. I know that has been suggested on the "Ask the Author" thread so if you want to see some stats to use in place of the normal ones, then check the spoilers on the latest posts there.

The standees I included include 3 batches of 4 echoes, each group with a different appearence. This is so you can choose the look of your echoes to suit your taste, and if you want to mix and match them in the fight to throw your players off, that's an option as well. I suspect if I get a strong party this time around I might even modify a group of them mechanically to add some ranged attacks to the fight, as the terrain could make things interesting that way.

  Woot thanks again Ark.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

D&D Home Page - What Class Are You? - Build A Character - D&D Compendium

love the additional echos -- great work
It's me again, back with more standees for the new chapter. They can be found in the usual place, my photo gallery.

Encounter 5-17 was complicated to arrange, so you'll have to forgive some liberties I've taken to make everything fit.

In order to get all the standees necessary for this battle, you're going to need to print the Encounter 5-17 sheet, then follow it with 2 copies of the separate "Ch5 Minions" sheet. The minion sheet has 12 enemy minions in 3 different flavours (4 of each), as well as two keep guards, each a different look as well. The main 5-17 sheet has the non-minion baddies (including the extra if needed), main encounter ally, as well as two additional keep guards. So, between 3 print offs you will have everything you need for the opening battle, as well as enough minion standees for the following encounters as well.

The reason for the various different looks is mostly personal preference, Darkraven3's positive feedback from last time, and to keep players on their toes. Also, I'm hoping the various different guards may add a little more flavour and individuality to the NPCs, enough that they won't be dismissed as simple fodder. If you want all your minions looking the same, just print a few more sheets, and maybe pass the leftovers to other groups/friends, or do some copy/pasting in Paint before printing. I doubt I will find the time before Wednesday to whip up more combinations, but anyone else is welcome to try their hand at it, if what's there doesn't suit your taste.

Also, you will notice the Huge creature is actually using a Large standee that's extra wide. It's the only way to get it to fit and I really didn't want to slice a larger standee in two pieces and have to break out the tape, so hopefully it works out for everyone.

Thanks again for all the comments and appreciate remarks. I'm glad my work is paying off for other groups out here.
I was just wondering if anyone has done level three updates for the Pre generated characters.  I know in the past there have been a number of really great character sheet posted when the pregens have leveled up.  Or even if they just have character cards for the updates.

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