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Robot: Shieldbots have a Triggered Action
Networked - Trigger: A robot ally is bloodied or knocked prone.  Effect (free action) shifts 1 and uses its electrojolt power.

The thing is Shieldbots are minions (1hp before dying), so there is no "bloodied" state for them.
So, I was curious if being killed would count as making a drone either bloodied or at least count as prone, triggering its networked ability. (Here is how I get prone - PCs who drop to 0 are defined as  "dying" (pg 84) which makes them "unconcious" (pg 85) which causes them to fall prone (page 85)).

In short, imagine a fight with nothing by Shieldbots left and they swarm a PC who kills one, does that trigger the other's Networked trigger?

Part of me says yes, but I am curious about minions triggering off others.
I'd say 'no' to it triggering on minion death because I think I recall that minions are never considered bloodied. Monsters don't normally have a  'dying' phase so they don't become 'prone' in the condition sense when they die.  Minions can however be knocked prone by a non-damaging effect. So there's that.

I could be wrong about it, but without lawyering out my rulebooks that's the call I'd make.
I'd say no. From the rules as written, (and I suspect as intended) the shieldbots are supposed to work specifically with other (non-minion) bots. That said, there's nothing saying you can't have the ability also trigger on the destruction of friendly robot minions as well.
yea it triggers when a robot ALLY becomes bloodied or knocked prone, the minion needs to be used in conjuction with a normal robot monster for the bloodied effect to trigger.
Cool, and thanks, I was worried that I would run encounter S6 wrong, and so now I know.  Thanks for the input.
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